Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Manuel!

Today, my first born turns 5! (at exactly 3:30pm) I have SO many things I want to say and write about, but for now, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANUEL will have to do! :) Our Internet is down at home (not sure why, UGH!) and both of the kids had their 1 year and 5 year check-ups today, so here it is 1:30pm and I JUST got to work! :)

Manuel, I love you more then life itself. You are such a sweet, kind, gentle little soul and Mommy is SO proud of you! At your appointment today you weighed 48 lbs and you are 44 1/2 inches tall. You are doing great developementally, emotionally, physically. THANKFULLY you didn't have to get any shots (YAY!!! :) Mommy dropped you off at school with cupcakes to celebrate the big day. Your birthday party is at Chuck E Cheese this Saturday and I can't wait! I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! I pray that you continue to be the amazing little person you are, that you grow in your faith each and every day and that you become the teenager and adult that I know you are capable of being. Words can not express my love for you! Happy 5th birthday sweet boy! :)


*Yes, hubby and I went out on Saturday and had SUCH a great time! The sushi was delicious (as was the wine! ;) We had a wonderful time with our friends. I haven't uploaded pics because I can't download pictures on my work computer :( and as I mentioned above, our Internet at home isn't working :( Hopefully I'll get pics up soon. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!! :)


Jeska said...

Aww Happy Birthday to your little boy :) Glad you were able to get out Saturday night with your hubby, sounds like a great night!

Ashley said...

Happy birthday to your sweet boy!!

Kayla said...

Happy Birthday big boy! I hope that you guys have a great time at Chucky's this weekend!

Jackie said...

Happy, Happy 5th Birthday Manuel!

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday to you little man :)

Hanna said...

can't wait to see pics:)