Monday, January 24, 2011

Mia's Winter ONEderland

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Ours was a whirlwind, no lie, I was SO excited for Mia's party on Saturday and when it was over I kept thinking, "All the build up and now it's over..." it felt like my wedding day but not so much because hubby and I got married at the courthouse. But have no fear, that makes us no less in love then those of you who had lavish weddings :) We had just had Manuel 2 months prior and something lavish just wasn't in our budget. We hope to renew our vows one day and have something "big". Woah, that was off track, back to my point :) ....

Saturday was great! Mia was perfect  well behaved and truly enjoyed the attention! :) She is SO much like my husband (outgoing and social. Whereas Manuel and I are shy and quiet). She was happily passed from person to person, smiling away and performing all of her tricks ;) (putting up her one little finger when you ask her how old she is, patting her belly when you ask where her belly is, saying, "kitty cat", etc. :) I know most children don't "perform" when you want them to, but Mia did! :) Toddlers and Tiaras here we come (JUST KIDDING!!!! :))

I'm going to post some pics of the little "details" first, then I'll post just pics of the birthday girl in all of her cuteness! :)  .... (excuse the quality of my pics. Although they are from my moms super fancy camera, you would NOT know it because I have NOOOOOOOOOOOO clue how to use it. I was taking pics and the flash was going off when it shouldn't, wasn't going off when it should, etc. :) Oh well! :)

 The BEAUTIFUL cake! :)
 The goodie bags and boxes (no, the pen was not a part of it! :)) Each age group got something a little different. The baby food jars (that I didn't get a good pic of) were the favors. They were filled with Hershey Kisses and had wintry labels on them that said, "Mia's One! Eat some candy and have some fun! January 22, 2011"
 The centerpiece on each table was various Snowbabies (my mom collected them for several years so we had tons scattered throughout the party room). It really added to the theme! :)
 The kids area (we brought toys from home for all the kids to play with). The winter decals on the wall came from Walmarts after Christmas clearance! :)
 The birthday girls area :) with snowflakes and snowballs hanging from the ceiling
Being so preoccupied with all the details we forgot about a "smash cake" for Mia. Manny picked this up at the grocery store the morning of the party, so that is why it isn't thematic! :) And the "1" candle on top, I broke taking it out of the package, so it's taped! :) 

*Okay, part 2 of pics of Mia will be up next!* :)


Jackie said...

Such a cute theme! The details are all adorable.

Her Momma said...

found you through Unofficial Mom's blog- happy birthday to Mia!!

Lindsay said...

How cute did everything turn out :) Way to go momma!