Monday, January 17, 2011

8 Days of Mia (Part 8)

So I'm going to keep this short and sweet because the stomach virus has overtaken our house and the "mild" bug Mia had on Friday has completely overtaken me and I was pretty certain last night I was going to die! :) I have NEVER had a stomach bug this bad, EVER! In the midst of it all, Manuel started too, UGH!! Thankfully my husband is still well (knock on wood!)

Tomorrow my sweet baby girl turns on. I can hardly believe it! If we are being technical, in 24 hours and 36 minutes (9:11am to be exact! :) Mia will be ONE! I'm glad I have some extra time off with her today (since clearly I can't go to to work in the condition I'm in) and then I had already taken off tomorrow to spend the day with her. I'm just glad all this sickness is happening BEFORE her birthday and party!

Okay, I said short and sweet, so I'll stop typing! :) Enjoy todays pics...(these are all from birth to 4 weeks)

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Lindsay said...

Can you believe it? Landyn is 18 months and I swear it creeps on you :)