Friday, January 28, 2011

Pictures and misc...

Happy Friday! I'm excited for this weekend! Hubby and I have date night tomorrow with a group of friends and their hubbies. We are going to dinner at Chopstix (sushi) and then out for drinks. (well hubby won't be drinking, because he doesn't drink alcohol, but I will be enjoying a few cocktails! :) As I've mentioned before, we don't get out much (and actually I have NEVER even spent the night away from Mia!) but that's by our choice. As we've gotten older, we've just become more homebodies and that's how we like it! :) But a night out, every now and again, is good to help keep our sanity. Hopefully this means I'll FINALLY have a Stepping' Out Saturday post! :)

Now, on to Manuel. Here are some random cell phone pics (and ones that aren't from a cell phone) that I came across that I just adore...

 Manuel's first time in the hospital, when he had a febrile seizure (before they knew that's what it was :(
 Hanging out at PopPop's house (he adored my dad!)
 At the park with Mommy and Daddy :)                  Trying on his Mom-mom's new scarf! :)
Another hospital stay-relaxing with Daddy, being adorable! :)


Jackie said...

A random question...what color are Manuel's eyes? In some pics they look sooo blue and others they look sooo green. So now I'm curious! Either way, they are gorgeous! :)

Have fun on your date!

Heather Johnson said...

Love the pictures.
Enjoy your night out. My husband and I are due for one of those also.
Happy Weekend.