Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's 61st birthday and I wish he was here so we could celebrate with him. We won't see my dad again, on this side of Heaven, but I know he's okay. I know he's happier then he was here on Earth. Addiction had destroyed his soul, but I have no doubt he is whole again in Heaven! Each day I THINK it gets easier, but then I have one of those moments where I go to pick up the phone to call him, and then I "remember" (not as if I ever forget, but you know what I mean). I had a REALLY long post written out to post on my dad's birthday, but it was too lengthy, too involved, and not the most positive post so I've decided to keep it in my "archives" and perhaps post it one day when I just want to ramble. For now...

I love you and miss you SO much! Although I miss you dearly I know one are at peace in Heaven, true, complete peace and free of any "demons" that haunted you on Earth. I find my own peace in that. It doesn't make me miss you any less, or take away the ache from my heart that you never got to meet Mia, or make it easier when Manuel asks why he can't jump really high on a pogo stick and visit you in Heaven :), etc. ButI have no doubt that you are finally happy! :) I hope your birthday is spent fishing, fishing and more fishing!!!! I'll see you again one day Dad but until then give Mateo, Ian and Anthony a kiss from Zia Christina, and tell Papa that I love him and miss him. Happy Birthday!

Love Your Little Girl Always and Forever,

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