Friday, August 27, 2010

I won!

I love super cute (and saying the words "super cute" ;) but my love for them has intensified since having Mia. I'm big in to tutu's, bows, and all that wonderful stuff. Unfortunately she doesn't own a tutu, and just got her first adorable big bow last weekend. But that's all changed because I won a giveaway and not only will she get a tutu, but a bow AND a onesie also! :)

I entered a giveaway @ "That 22 Year Old Housewife" and I won! Visit her blog! :)

I got to choose from a tutu set, a boys short set or an adorable bag from Paula at Mother Goose Collections ( GO VISIT! You'll fall in love!) I chose the 1st Thanksgiving tutu set. This is my idea of happiness...I LOVE Fall, Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday, and my newest obsession is Mia in tutu's (again, she's NEVER worn one but I just envision it being the cutest thing EVER! :) I am SO excited to get it in the mail! :) If you are looking for something adorable Mother Goose Collections is the place to be. Paula was SO quick to respond to my questions and has rave reviews on MGC Facebook page.

Even if it's September when the tutu comes in the mail (and nowhere close to Thanksgiving) you better believe I'll be posting pics! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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