Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NOT Wordlessish Wednesday :)

Mia, today August 18th, you turn 7 months old! You are officially closer to the one year old mark then you are to the day of your birth :( I can not believe how fast you are growing up. They say time flies, and although it's cliche, it's SO true....especially when it comes to the speed at which you and your brother are growing up. I know it's all a part of life, but can you slow down a little!??! Please! :) I'm having a hard time with you growing up! I'm not sure if it's because you could possibly be be our last baby or if it's just because Mommy is getting older and the older you get the quicker time flies. I don't know, but I don't like it one bit! So stop, please! :) You are every bit "my little girl", your daddy adores you, and your big brother thinks you are pretty great! :)

Now, on to the stats and figures ;)

-You weigh 16lbs 8oz (or at least that's what I "guesstimated" after weighing myself then putting you on the scale with me :) You don't go back to the doctors until you are 9 months old, so until then we'll just do it that way! :) I TRIED to measure how long you were but I'm going to assume I did something wrong...one time you were 14 inches, one time you were 30 inches (not really, but Mommy just couldn't get it right! :)

-You are a rolling machine. If you want something, you roll to it! :) You have two rattles that you love! You try to eat anything and everything, even Mommy's hair! :)

-You are still in size 3 diapers. You are finally filling them out more! :)

-You had a major growth spurt since Mommy's last update...you have outgrown pretty much most of your 3-6 month clothes (especially length wise) and our in 6-9 month clothes, for the most part.

-You continue to spend your days, Monday-Friday, at Linnie's house. Linne takes WONDERFUL care of! We couldn't be happier and more "at ease" with who takes care of you while Mommy and Daddy are at work. She took care of your brother from the time he was 8 months old until he was 4 so we trust her totally and completely. She adores you SOOO much!

-You continue to be super nosey, just like Mommy! You would think that you were part owl with the way you practically turn your neck completely around to see something! :)

-You had your first physical therpay session on Monday, August 16th. Mrs. Mary Pat is awesome, and thinks you are just the cutest. We are going to work on getting your muscles nice and strong so that you can be on your road to crawling. She noticed that you don't use your abdominal muscles as much as you should (it's okay, neither does Mommy! ;) and tend to overwork your back and neck muscles to roll, sit up, etc. She told me that Mommy was very in tune to you for me to have noticed this at such an early age. We are hopeful that after a handful of sessions you'll be right where you need to be.

-You sit up for longer and longer stretches at a time. You really are mastering sitting up on your own while playing with toys. If you get to in to the toys, you do tip over sometimes, but that's okay! :)

-You are still very particular about how you sleep (or don't sleep for that matter! :) We say that if Sleep Fighting was an Olympic sport, you'd be a gold medalist Mia Grace! Manuel even says, "Mommy, Mia is fighting her sleep, and sleep is losing!" :) Normally you'll fall asleep while laying on Mommy's chest, and I have somewhat mastered the art of laying you in your crib and you staying asleep HOWEVER if I try to put you in there too soon, you will wake up, look around as if you haven't been sleeping at all, and start crying! You usually go to bed around 8ish, sometimes wake up around 12 or so, but Mommy will hold you and put you back to sleep, and then wake up around 4-5ish for a bottle. Your sleep schedule is DEFINITELY something that we need to work on, but I just keep telling myself, "You're gonna miss this one day!" ;)

-You love talking, smiling and laughing (deep belly laughs that Mommy could bottle up and sell! :) You said "Mama" once at Linnie's in early August, but it was when you were throwing a fit because Linnie was taking too long getting your lunch ready! :) Oh, and you LOVE waving! It's more of an entire arm motion of up and down, but eventually you'll get it down to just using your little hand! :)

-You eat Stage 1 fruits and veggies. You also eat Oatmeal cereal. And of course formula. At your 6 month appt Dr. K said you weren't eating enough, so we've up'd that and it seems like you are good to go now, and less cranky! I guess you were cranky before because we were starving you! ;)

-Your nick names are still "MiaPia", "MeetzyPeetzy", "Smiley Cyrus", and the newest one is "Beauty" (that's what your big brother calls you! :)

I think I've covered all the bases Mia Grace. Words can not describe how much you are loved! :)

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Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Cute! Happy 7 months! I can never have a wordless wednesday.