Friday, August 20, 2010


Please excuse my 1 1/2 day blogging absence (that's unusual for me as I've been a semi-regular blogger lately :) I've been playing with Picasa and EDITING PHOTOS!!! Eeeekkkkkk! I have NO idea what I'm doing, but since I used Picasa (and Carlotta's help :) to make my header I thought I'd give the photo editing tools a try (and it's free which is always a plus). I am VERY novice in my skills (I would consider myself a pre-pre beginner since my range of skills consist of changing the pic to black and white and well, that's about how far my skills range ;) but heck, it's a start! :) I plan on posting a before and after photo sometime today. You know, I guess I should throw some actual work in my work day, and saving the photo editing for my lunch break.


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