Friday, August 13, 2010

Name change

Back on March 25th I posted a blog about something REALLY important...the state of the economy? the state of the country? Nope! Something WAY more relevant...the name of my blog! :) As it stood, my blog was and has always been E=MC^2 (not as in Einstein's theory of relativity) because my husband and my son both have the initials MC, so "squaring" MC would stand for the both of them. Cheesy, I know, but cute and creative (or so I think! :) Then Mia came along, and although she is an "M", her middle name does not begin with "C" (it's Grace, in case you were wondering) so then my wheels began turning about changing my blog name. To be honest, I didn't give it THAT much thought (except on 3/25 when I posted the blog :) but then over the last few days when I would post my randomness, I'd add pics of the kids, then put "And for good measure..." Today it dawned on me, that would be a cute blog title "And for good measure..." so I'm going to keep my IRL the same (to avoid confusing anyone who may actually read my blog :) but my blog title is officially changed.

I think it has a cute ring to it! :)


Ofthesea said...

I like it!

I also like the name Mia if I ever have a daughter :)

And for good measure, I will confess that my live-in sitter is more of a housemate - I don't pay her to live with me! I'm just incredibly lucky that she loves my boy as much as she does.

Alexa Mae said...

Love it! Good choice and very creative! Have a great weekend pretty lady!