Thursday, August 12, 2010

100th entry

When I started this blog on November 18, 2008 I had one primary reason for doing so...I wanted to follow blogs and read about other moms, their lives and their children, and occasionally comment without seeming like a "weirdo" :) I figured if I had a blog, a picture, an "about me", etc. people would be able to put a face with a name and comment and be less creeped out by some stranger reading about their lives. Yes, I realize that if your blog is public, you open your life up to strangers, but I didn't want to be a lurker! :) Now clearly, if I've only posted 100 entries in almost 2 years I'm not a very active blogger, but I have become better about posting since becoming a mother of two! :) And plus, when I returned to work from maternity leave in March and Facebook was BLOCKED (GASP! ;), I needed SOMETHING to do in my downtime at work, so why not blog more often!??!?! :) I've loved getting to read about other families all across the US, praying for them in their times of need, crying for them in their times of sorrow, rejoicing for them in their times of happiness, and even entering their fun giveaways that I NEVER win (wah wah! :) But seriously, blogging has been an amazing adventure and although I've only posted 100 times, I've read thousands of others posts and it's really been a neat experience.

Cheers to 100 more! :)

And for good measure....

*An oldie...but one of my favorite pictures of Manuel*

*One of my favorite pictures of Mia*

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