Monday, August 9, 2010

Not Me Monday

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I certainly did not come to the conclusion that my almost 7 month old is uncapable of napping during the day unless she is being held. Nope, not me! I am WAY more experienced in parenting then that, and I would never be one of "those parents." I would have nipped this in the bud along time ago and she would be able to sleep ANYWHERE!

I did not cry when my husband told me on Friday, "Manuel is moving to KR (Kindergarten Readiness, at his preschool) at the end of the month" Nah, not me! I am very mature and EXCELLENT at the thought of change. The thought of my first born growing up does not make me cry, nope! I CAN HANDLE THIS! :) (and to think if I"m like this now, how will I be next September (2011) when he actually starts KINDERGARTEN! AHHHH!

I did not jump the gun and give my daughter Gerbers Puffs already. It clearly states on the canister that she should be a "crawler" (which she is not) therefore I'd NEVER go against the rules and start early. NEVER! And said child did not "gobble" them up like they were Thanksgiving dinner :) (side note...I basically took each puff and broke it in to four even tinier pieces just to avoid any chance of choking! :)

And lastly...I did not throw away my sons Sunday school project this morning when I walked out to the car and saw it sitting there. I would NEVER do such a thing. After all, who doesn't want a "gluey", glittery rice type project laying around their house??? Rice everywhere! Glue everywhere (it still wasn't dried from YESTERDAY!) Glitter everywhere! I'm much more carefree then that, and wouldn't mind those 3 items ALL over my house! :) (side note...I normally keep most of his school and church projects for a little while BUT some things are better left forgotten. And trust me, he already forgot! :)

And one more for good measure...I would never feel the need to put "side notes" on each of my points for fear of being judged harshly by others. Nope, not me! I stand firm in my actions! :)


Mommy2Four said...

You know what we do? We take photos of all art projects, that way if they happen to "disappear", no one is upset because we have the photo still!

Very cute post!

Jenilee said...

i take pictures of some projects too, but I have to admit that most sunday school stuff gets lost quickly! :) otherwise, there would be way toooo much of it! and I'm the children's pastor's wife!!! lol thanks for stopping by my blog today. you can find the not me button by clicking on the not me info button on her lower left sidebar. that's where I find it each time. nice to meet you!