Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Photo Challenge: Water

I absolutely love The Paper Mama and think her blog (and her daughter :) are just the cutest. She is always holding photo challenges and although my pictures are unedited, untouched and from a pretty "un-fancy" camera :) I still like to participate now and then. Click on this button and enter a picture.

The Paper Mama

The theme this week is water, and I went a different route then one might expect, especially when I have super adorable pictures of Mia and Manuel in the water. The photo that I went with is of a fountain with flowers in it. Some might think...that doesn't have to do with children or animals?!?!? However, it very much does. Every year the hospital where my nephews were born (and ultimately passed away) holds a "Walk to Remember" Each mother and/or father is given flowers and at the end of "walk" they are allowed to throw the flowers in the fountain (if they so choose) in honor of their children. To some people this picture might not represent children, but to some people who've suffered that loss, they see their children and beauty! :)

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Ashley Sisk said...

Very sweet interpretation. Thanks for sharing.