Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kindergarten recap (FINALLY! ;)

Happy Saturday Friends! I hope you all are enjoying this holiday weekend! :)

Today we had my nephew Spencer's 2nd birthday party. It was a blast (I'll post pics over the next few days). Spencer is our families little miracle. He's my sister, Amy and Mike's (my BIL) rainbow baby who was born about 15 months after my sister lost my triplet nephews, Mateo, Ian and Anthony. He brought back so much joy and happiness to my sister (NEVER replacing my nephews, but giving Amy a reason to smile again!) It was a great day!

Now, FINALLY a recap of Manuel's first week of Kindergarten (although it wasn't a week because of Hurricane Irene and power outages a Monday start was postponed until Wednesday morning).

Day #1: We had decided that Manny (my husband) would NOT be there to see Manuel off on the bus. Manuel has had really bad separation anxiety with Manny these last few weeks (out of nowhere. He's never been a child that's had separation anxiety but he cries EVERY TIME Manny leaves), but we knew that if Manny was there, Manuel would be a wreck! So I took Manuel to "C" (the daycare center where he goes for before and aftercare) and along with all of his other daycare buddies who are going to his elementary school, we waited for the bus. I had been a pile of tears on and off all morning, but had managed to keep it together "okay" while we waited. Then Nonna (my mom) met us up there to see her first grandson off to his first day of school. The bus pulled up, Manuel got on (he did not shed a tear, nor hesitate in the slightest) and off he went. I lost it! I sobbed and sobbed on the way to drop Mia off at Linnie's. It was just such a huge milestone for him! I was SO busy at work that I didn't even have time to worry about how his first day was going, He had a WONDERFUL day! He knew two children in his class (from preschool). He really liked his teacher, and couldn't wait to go back the next day. The only "problem" he had was the fact that in his locker (yes, they have lockers, but not ones that require combinations! :)) was an extra change of clothes that each child is required to have. The way Manuel's bag was sitting at the top of his locker, his underwear showed each time he opened the locker door (yes friends, those are the things that can cause breakdowns when you're 5 1/2! :)) So I sent his teacher a quick e-mail asking her to rearrange his bag (it was too high for Manuel to reach) so that his undies wouldn't show. Problem solved! :)

Day #2: The real test was would Manuel do with Manny dropping him off at "C" (daycare) in the morning? Manuel did not shed a tear when Manny left! NOT ONE! He was SO excited for the bus to get there and take him to school. Manuel had another great day! He really enjoyed technology class! When we got home I received an e-mail from his teacher, Mrs. B, who told me that she remedied the underwear situation. She also wanted to let me know that Manuel was doing wonderfully and "He is smart and fun-loving and a joy to have in class!" (what sweet words to hear about my sweet boy! I was very happy that she took the time to tell me this, when I hadn't even inquired about how he was doing because I didn't want to be "that parent" only 1 day in to the school year! ;))

Day #3: Another successful drop off with tears! Manuel had Library on Friday and came home with his first school library book (we have to make sure Mia keeps her little hands off this one! :)) He loves school and is doing really well!

I won't continue to do a day-to-day update, but I did want to share about his first 3 days for my own journaling purposes :)

And for good measure...

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Jackie said...

I'm so happy to hear that Manuel has such a good first week at school! Yay!