Sunday, September 4, 2011

30 Day Blogger Challenge: Day 4

Good Morning Friends and Happy Sunday!

I am once again linking up with Katie today for Day 4 of her blogging challenge: Family (I didn't participate in Day 3: Your Job). Honestly, after how crazy the end of last month was, and how draining it was on me, I just didn't feel like talking about work! :) I work for a mortgage company. We have branches all up and down the East Coast. I started there on November 1, 2006. I've always worked in the Pricing Department (pricing up loans and locking in interest rates) until a few months back when I was going to be laid off (the mortgage business, in case you haven't heard ;) is quite volatile) and instead of laying me off they kept me on as a Pricing Analyst, but primarily I'm the Funder (once a loan closes and the recission period passes, I am charge of getting all the funds to the title companies). I LOVE the people I work with! But, remember, I wasn't going to talk about work ;) so on to day 4, my family....

 Manny and I at Spencer's 2nd birthday party (9/3/11)
 Mia Grace, being a big girl in Spencer's bouncy house
My sweaty Manuel, also enjoying the bouncy house (Manuel HATES getting his picture taken! :))

My family is EXTREMELY close (meaning my extended family. So I can't post pics of EVERYONE or else it would take ALL day ;) so I'm just going to post about the semi-immediate ones :))
My mom (and Manuel, Christmas 2010). My mom is AMAZING! She worked SO hard to provide for my sister and I as we were growing up. She has definitely made us the women we are today! :)

My dad and I. As you can tell this pciture is old, but this is how I choose to remember my dad. He was a GREAT man, unfortunately he just had a lot of drug and alcohol deamons. To read more about my dad's struggles, you can go here, here and here. I love him and miss him terribly, but I know, without a doubt, he is whole, complete and healed in Heaven!
My sister, Amy. We are 19 months apart and have certainly had our ups and downs, but I love her to death and wouldn't trade her for anything in the world! :)
 Spencer, my nephew (Amy's son, our families miracle :))
 Vivienne, my niece (Spencer's sister)
The following pictures are pieces of a Sesame Street mural my sister had painted in Spencer & Vivienne's room. Each of their older angel brothers in memoralized somewhere in the mural. This is Ian's butterfly
 This is Mateo's butterfly
This is Anthony's butterfly. Altought my triplet nephews are no longer with us, and I will not see them again this side of Heaven, there is not a SINGLE day that goes by that I don't think about them! I held one, while he took his last breath. A moment I will never forget.
This is Nonna! :) My sweet, amazing, wonderful, fantastic, awesome, 86 year old grandmother. She came to the United States (from Sicily) when my mom was about 7. I nou not say enough wonderful words about Nonna. She is the center of our family and loved more than words can convey! :)

My family is amazing and I honestly couldn't ask for a greater group of people to be surrounded with. My aunts, uncles and cousins are all amazing too!!!! :)


meghan said...
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meghan said...

what a wonderful family!! the little ones are absolutely adorable and the mural for your triplets nephews is so sweet. i'm sure they're watching over your niece and nephew each and every day.

Jackie said...

You are so lucky to be so close with your extended family. I love the mural your sister painted...such a sweet reminder of your nephews!