Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget! 9/11/01

10 years ago, I was a young, naive, college kid who focused on not much outside of "my world". I remember driving home, listening to a local radio station and the first plane hit. I immediately called my mom and said, "Is this a joke?" I rushed home, and watched TV as the second plane hit, as the first tower fell, as the second tower total shock. I left my apartment and headed to my friend Kelli's house where we watched the news for hours on end. To think back, 10 years ago, it still seems SO unimaginable!

I'm watching the old footage on MSNBC this morning, from that day, and I still can't wrap my brain around it all. 10 years ago I wasn't a mother, I wasn't a wife...what a difference these feelings are as a mother and wife. God bless those lives lost. God bless those families who still mourn their loved ones EVERYDAY! God bless the USA!

We will NEVER forget!