Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Friday!

Hello Friends!

Today's post is coming from the PROUD Mommy of an official preschool graduate! :) That's right, Manuel graduated from preschool this morning. It was a very sweet ceremony, lots of tears (from me, of course! ;)) and just all around wonderful. Go figure that the long weekend where I have so much planned....Manuel's graduation today, one of my best friends bachelorette party tomorrow, and a family cookout Sunday, I am SOOOOO sick! I have the worst summer cold I think I've ever had, UGH!!! It came on SO quickly...I woke up yesterday morning, barely able to swallow, runny nose, watery eyes, the whole nine yards! Today is even worst, but obviously NOTHING was going to keep me from my baby boys graduation! :) Now, I hope to rest the remainder of today and tomorrow, and then be able to go out with some of my dearest girlfriends for Mary's bachelorette party. Fingers crossed! I seldom ever go out, so I would love to partake in my Girls Night! :)

Without further from today...

 A very sleepy sister of the graduate :) She was SO well behaved!

 My first born receiving his diploma! He's officially a graduate :)
 Today was also a classmates birthday so they did a combined cake...very sweet!
 Manuel and his best friend, Keshawn
Mia and Nonna (my mom)
 Mia wearing Manuel's cap :)
 He was NOT into the picture taking! :)
 My family (I look sick, make-up less and awful, but the other 3 look cute :))
Manuel, Nonna and Poppy

Have a great weekend friends! :) 


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love your sweet photos! My daughter graduated preschool this week too--I can't believe she's old enough for kindergarten!

Sorry your sick. I hope your feeling good enough for you girl's night. I could use one of those too. :)

Jackie said...

Awww, what great pics! I'm sure that Manuel's graduation was a bittersweet day for you.

Hope you're feeling better!