Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pictures Galore!

Hello Friends! :)

As Mother Day approaches I ask you to please think about and pray for all of those women who want to be mommies and aren't (yet) and all those mommies whose arms and hearts are empty for the children they've lost. I can't imagine your pain, so I won't pretend to, but I will be praying for all of you!

On a MUCH lighter note (pardon the horrible segue)...I'm blogging during my lunch break because I just had to post some pictures! :) I hope you all are having a great week! Life is going well for the Gomez family! :) We are just working, working, working, playing, playing and enjoying the beautiful weather MD has been experiencing (when we aren't working! ;))

My nephews 3rd birthday is on Friday so I am looking forward to releasing balloons with Manuel, Mia and Manny in their honor. Manuel "remembers" them (he was at the hospital with us when they were born and passed away so although he never saw them, we talk about them often and he (along with Mia) will always know their cousins! :)) Friday morning is a Mothers Day breakfast at Manuel's school so I am really looking forward to that and whatever super adorable made-from-the-heart craft comes along with it! :) Spring is always a busy time of year and I love it! I hope you all are enjoying your week! :)

And for good measure...(in NO order! :)) pictures that my cousin took while she was visiting over Easter weekend)

 That smiles screams "I'M ORNERY!" and yes, she is! ;)
 Relaxing in their jammies after dying eggs
 Manuel was really in to dying eggs this year (and yes, Mia is on the stove...PARENTING: FAIL! :))
 Mia and Mommy (yes, she has a black eye. I don't think I ever told the story but quick version: she is SO nosey and wouldn't take a nap at Linnie's because there were visitors. When she gets tired, she gets clumsy and she fell and hit her face! :(
 Stealing her brothers roll (she is her mothers daughter! ;))
 She was dancing (notice the video in the background...my child who primarily listens to Contemporary Christian would only dance to a rap song! :))
My big boy being so meticulous in his egg dying :)


Courtney B said...

Love the pictures! You have the sweetest family :)
I can't wait til I get to celebrate mother's day (for me I mean haha)

Jackie said...

What great pictures! I love how they capture Mia's little personality. The one of her dancing is priceless, and I think we need a video of that! ;) Manuel looks like a very serious egg dyer! So cute!

In this wonderful life... said...

such sweet pics : ) I think the first one is my fav!