Monday, May 16, 2011

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

~It's Monday and I feel okay about it :)

~Yesterday was the two year anniversary of my dad's passing. It was a little tough for me in the morning (and I cried a bit) but spent most of the day preoccupied so I didn't have much time to "dwell" (which is a good thing). I miss him like crazy, and the worst is when I go to pick up the phone call him and realize, phones can't reach Heaven. I need to do a post about my dad, I really do. He was a pretty incredible guy, a wonderful father (until the drugs and alcohol took over) and an awesome PopPop to Manuel (the only granchild he ever got to meet (although I'm sure Mateo, Ian and Anthony greeted him in Heaven). We all miss him. But he's at peace, drug free, so I take comfort in that.

~My hubby went to his friends 30th birthday party on Saturday, while I stayed home with the kids. That was a first, literally! :) He hasn't been out with just his friends (without me) since I was pregnant with Manuel (by his choosing, I'm not some overbearing psychotic wife! :)) Normally it's me going out (MAYBE once a month) with my girlfriends while he stays home with the kiddos. I was SO happy that he got some time away. We all need it! :)

~While he was gone, the kids and I had an indoor beach party (perfect for a rainy night). Manuel wasn't really feeling it, so he stayed in his clothes, but Mia and I wore our bathing suits :) We had fun and ate dinner on our beach towels in the family room :)

~There was a whole watermelon on the counter that Mia kept callling a "ball", and she screamed repeatedly for it :) I let her play with it (pics to come :)) And she got SO mad when she wasn't able to lift it (because clearly watermelons are WAY too heavy for a 16 month old (almost) to pick up. It was hilarious! :)

~We went to a cookout yesterday at Manny's friends house (the one who turned 30). He's a chef, so to say that the food was to die for would be an understatement! The kids had a blast running around his fenced in backyard like wild animals ;) I let my OCD go as Mia fell about 800 times and her dress was COVERED in dirt :)

~I'll be 30 in 17 days and I'm totally okay with it! :)

~My Nonna (grandmother) turns 81 tomorrow. She's great! I love her SO much! :)

~Manuel graduates from preschool in 10 days and I'm totally NOT okay with it! :) He told me yesterday that they are singing, "You've Got a Friend" and started to sing it. AHHHHHHHH, I cried like a baby! This growing up thing is for the birds, or at the very least, not for mothers with hearts that are QUITE so sensitive! ;) The hallways of Manuel's preschool are lined with bulletin boards about each "graduate". They were asked various questions and fill in the blanks, and each child's answer is written. The one fill in the blank that all the children were asked was, "I am amazing because _________" Most childrens answer are very typical, "....I'm good at basketball.", "....I'm a boy." "....I love myself." (yes, one child said that :)), "I'm a princess." and as I read Manuel's response, my heart beamed with pride (and yes, I cried :))

*In case you can't read it, it says, "I am amazing because...I have good parents." Just when you think that you may have dropped the ball in some aspects of your parenting, you get shown otherwise. I couldn't be more proud of my sweet boy! :)


Jackie said...

I loved reading this post! :) The indoor beach party is a great idea. You are such a fun Mommy!

I'm sorry to hear that yesterday was a tough day. I look forward to hearing more about your Dad in the future!

Happy Monday!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I would have cried too! So adorable :)