Thursday, May 19, 2011


After a particularly tough post yesterday, I want to keep things light and simple today :) Mia turned 16 months old yesterday. We are almost halfway to two and I can't believe it! I miss her being a baby, but I absolutely love the little person she is becoming. My favorite thing is when I pick her up in the morning from her crib and I'll hold for a few minutes and pat her back, and then she'll start patting my back :) It's precious! BUT I told myself I was going to stop monthly updates after 15 months and just highlight the "big" months (18 months, 24 months, etc.), so I'm not going to get all nostalgic and specific :) She is doing great! Growing like a weed and clearly from these pictures below is quit the ball of fire! :)

 I wouldn't give her the camera and she was NOT happy! :)
 Then this is her, literally, 1 minute later :)
 Indoor beach party....look at her thighs! :)
 Manuel was participating, but not wearing his bathing suit :)

Yes, that's a watermelon! :) She saw it on the counter and thought it was a ball. She would NOT stop whining for it, so I set it down for her to see. She was not too happy when she realized she couldn't pick it up! :)

Happy Thursday Friends! :) 


Kim said...

First of all, she is ADORABLE!!! And second, it's your blog, you can write what you want to. I write letters to my sons all the time. Because you know what, they are who I'm writing for. I love the idea of an indoor beach party. I've been a real bore of a mom lately. No sleep.

Thank you so very much for your beautiful comment on my post today. What a lovely gesture that you took the trouble of reading the old posts.

sara said...

Her little face just kills me! So sweet!! And the thighs...I love a good chunky baby thigh :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

That last picture cracked me up. She is precious. My little guy loves pull on me when he wants something. He gets so angry when I don't move.

Jackie said...

Mia's swimsuit is precious (as are her chunky lil thighs)!

Courtney B said...

Hahaha oooooooohh she is so so cute!