Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The boys birthday

Hi Friends!

Sorry for the lack of activity on my blog...work is ALWAYS getting in the way now! ;) I have tons of pics from this past weekend that I want to post, and I will over the next few days. But first I wanted to post pictures of Friday evening when we released balloons, in honor of Mateo, Ian and Anthony's 3rd birthday. It was a beautiful evening and SOOO windy out, so the balloons were in Heaven :) in a matter of seconds. I love that we honor the boys, and that Mia and Manuel will always know their cousins, even though they won't KNOW them this side of Heaven.

*Please excuse the appearance of everyone :) It was REALLY windy out, yes Manuel is wearning his jammies outside (and he's barefoot) and yes, Mia is barefoot too, oh, and yes my hubby is in his "comfies" (aka jammies, that aren't really jammies! :) I just have to say that because I know how people might look and judge! :))

 Manuel wanted to write his name on the balloons :)
 My sweet little boy was REALLY into it!
 Writing my message to the boys
 The kids waiting patiently to release the balloons (and CLEARLY not interested in looking at the camera! :))

 And I just realized as I was posting these that I didn't save the pic of the 3 balloons in the sky on Photobucket :( I have it on my computer at home, but not at work. It's a very touching picture...we tied the 3 balloons together, so they would "travel" together (as I'm sure the boys are) and I just LOVE it! :)

I hope you all are doing well. I still read your blogs and comment as often as I can.

Tomorrow (hopefully) I'll be posting pics from the carnival and Mothers Day. It was a fabulous weekend! :)

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Jackie said...

What a sweet way to honor the boys birthday.

We are always in "comfies" around here! I actually took Isla to Home Depot in hers last night! :)