Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thank you Jesus!

A super adorable picture of Mia this morning (and yes, she's on the counter AGAIN, but that's the only place I put her where she'll stand still! :) Excuse the poor pic quality!)

But I am not writing today to show you how adorable Mia is (although that's very obvious from the above picture! ;)), I am writing today to say that I received a call from my doctor about my MRI and from all views and pictures they believe that this is all nothing more than scar tissue from my two c-sections!!! Praise God! I was really "okay" (or I tried to convince myself that I would be) with whatever results I was going to be given because I knew that God already knows how my life is to pan out and He already knew what "it" was. But I will say, I am beyond thankful and grateful that it's nothing serious! They did see a cyst on my left ovary (not the side that's been bothering me), so my primary care doctor is going to send my scans to my gyn so that he can look at them and determine if further intervention is necessary. I know cysts are totally common (in fact I had one removed shortly after Manuel's birth), so I'm not the least bit worried. I'm to assume the back pain that I'm having is just that, back pain, and completely unrelated to the scar tissue. I'm not one that will ever get on pain meds for back pain, so I'll just deal with it with some occasional Motrin and Tylenol and call it a day. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. They've meant the world to me! :) Now, off to breathe a huge sigh of relief and just be thankful! :)

And HOPEFULLY I will be FINALLY get around to posting our pics from Christmas Day. Geez, I'm a slacker! :)


Jeska said...

That is great news!!! And yes Mia is adorable :)

Kelly said...

What a cutie! :) Can't wait to see Christmas pics too!