Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mia's Birthday Party

Thank you friends for your sweet comments on yesterdays post! :) We just got home from church and we are getting ready to head to our friends football party to HOPEFULLY watch the Ravens win but I wanted to post the pics from Mia's party first!

And for good measure...
 What she wore :)
 Mia wants to wear glasses SO badly (Manny, Manuel and I all wear them) so I bought her a pair at the Dollar Store and took the lenses out! :) She LOVES them! :)
 The snack table spread! (A former co-worker of mine made the cake..LOVE IT! :))

 Clearly my niece, Vivienne enjoyed the pizza! ;)
 Enjoying the Wii
 Such a princess! ;)
 Enjoying some of Nonna's cookies (Don't forget to become a fan of my moms Facebook page and be automatically entered to win a Valentines Day basket of delicious goodies! :) Go here)

Have a great weekend dear friends! :)


Courtney B said...

love love LOVE cute little Mia :) What a FUN birthday party!

Lindsay said...

SO very cute!!! XOXO

Jackie said...

I LOVE that you bought Mia her own glasses! You are such a thoughtful Mommy! :)

It looks like she had a great time celebrating 2 years!