Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Manuel

Today is the day...my sweet little boy turns 6! It's really crazy that it was SIX years ago that I held him for the first time (well, at 3:30pm! :)) We started our day off with the traditional donut breakfast "picnic" , a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday and balloons! :) Tonight we will take him out for a special dinner! :) I'll post pics later (as well as pics from his bowling party)

In the meantime, some awful quality cell phone pics from this morning! :)
 His balloons! :)
Being so sweet and smiling for pics FIRST THING (this was around 6:30am! :)) (ignore the mess in the background! :)) 
His birthday donut and his six PINK candles (oops! That's what you get when you have a little sister whos birthday is a few days before yours and mommy forgot to pick up more candles! :)) Oh well, he didn't care! :)

Have a great day friends! :)


christina said...

super cute! HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY MANUEL!! :)

i really love the birthday morning donut thing and am thinking that this will be a new thing in our home. :)

Jackie said...

Adorable! Happy Birthday Manuel!!!

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Hanna said...

Happy Birthday. WHat a big guy!!!!