Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This, that and a Christmas Eve #2 Recap?? ;)

*Post can like my moms Facebook page here! We'll be having a contest on there soon, and trust me, even if you've never had Italian cookies, you'll want to win and try a tray out for yourself! They are DELICIOUS! :) *

First off, I would like to say thank you to everyone for your kinds words about my guest post here. It truly was an honor to share on Hanna's blogs as I absolutely adore and certainly did not feel "worthy" of such a big time blogger posting my thoughts, but I couldn't be more happy that I did. The feedback was awesome, and I just really thank you all who took the time to comment (on here or on Hanna's post). It meant the world to me! :)

Secondly, as I mentioned in that same post, my mom (and my Aunt Lucy-her sister) is following her dreams and starting an Italian cookie business. I grew up eating delicious, amazing, wonderful Italian cookies, handmade by my grandfather. It's just what we did! :) Grant, I ate Oreos and Toll House, but most of the time I was eating something Poppa had made. He would make huge batches of cookies for family dinner, baby showers, bridal showers, you name it, he did. We Italians LOVE food! ;) Poppa died in December 2003, and with him went a lot of our Italian traditions because they really hadn't been past down to anyone...his cookies, his homemade bread, it was all a thing of the past. UNTIL my mom found his recipes and so evolved, "Family Ties"...My mom has very quickly perfected my Poppa's greatest cookie recipes (and in some instances even surpassed the tastiness! :)) My mom recently started a Facebook page for her new endeavor, and soon (not today because I can't access Facebook at work so leave you the link :)), I will direct you to her Facebook page, and you can "like" it for extra entries into a contest I will be having to get a tray of your very own cookies from "Family Ties" :) If you've never tried any sort of Italian cookie before, you are missing out, and I'd LOVE for you to win. Stay tuned! :)

Now, the not-fun part of this post :( A few weeks back I mentioned a lump I found that my doctor said was a hernia, but the surgeon said wasn't a hernia. Okay, well that was 4 weeks ago, and the lump is still there. I ended up at Patient First (urgent care type center, for those of you that may be unfamiliar) on Thursday night because of pain, being caused by this mass. The dr there was pretty surprised that my doctor (nor the surgeon) had ordered any sort of diagnostic testing (ultrasound, CT scan, MRI etc.) to see what it was in detail, so she sent me for an ultrasound on Friday morning. The results of that appear to be inconclusive, so now I have to go this Friday, at 3:30pm for an MRI! :( It's all in God's hands, I understand that, but I'm just scared. But at the same time, regardless of the outcome, I just want answer! The radiologist said it could be something as simple as scar tissue from my two c-sections, but obviously it could be more! The MRI will give them cross section pictures of the mass and exactly what it's made up of. As I've mentioned a trillion times before I am SOOOOOOOOOOO claustrophobic (as in I can't even sit in the back seat of a two door car!!) so I obviously opted for an open MRI. Thank goodness that's an option because I literally would NEVER be able to get an MRI unless I was completely knocked out cold! :) I'll keep you all posted. Thank you in advance for the prayers! :)

And for good measure (random pics from Christmas Eve night at my moms house...their basement is a childs dream...pool table, slot machine, jukebox, pin ball machine, and some other big arcade game). So the kids had a blast! :)

 Just hanging around on the pool table (only grandparents let you do this sort of stuff! ;))
 Mia playing a little poker! ;)
Poppy (my mom's boyfriend of 11 years, so I hate saying boyfriend, but he's not her husband! :)) and Mia playing slots :)
 Poppy and Lily (one of his other grandchildren)

 Manuel playing shuffleboard
 Mia showing off her easel from Zia Amy (my sister), Uncle Mike, Spencer and Vivienne
Manuel showing off his skateboard (WITH HELMET, KNEE PADS AND ELBOW PADS-might I add! :)) from my mom and Poppy. She asked first if she could get them for him! :)
 Too much Christmas Eve partying! ;)

And eventually I hope to be back with our Christmas Day recap! :)


Jackie said...

Wow! How cool is your mom's house? Isla would love it there! :)

Congratulations to your Mom for starting her own business! Believe it or not, I have never had Italian cookies before...and Jared is Italian!

Jackie said...

...and praying that everythng turns out okay for you! You'll be in my thoughts!

Kayla said...

love her little tights!