Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mia Grace's Year in Review (Part 1)

The day is coming, whether I want to admit it or not, and my sweet baby girl will be turning TWO! I can't believe that on January 18th it will be two years since Mia Grace entered our world. So cliche, but seriously...where does time go!?!??!

To read Mia's birth story, go here

Mia and I have an incredibly special bond. OF COURSE I love Manuel equally and he has my heart just as much as Mia does (I would hope that goes without saying), however...the saying, "Momma's boy" and "Daddy's girl" does not apply in our house! It is DEFINITELY "Momma's girl" and "Daddy's boy"...Manny has an amazingly close connection with Manuel, and I have an amazingly close connection with Mia. AGAIN, we both love both of our children the same! (Just need to stress that for those people who might be judging! ;))

The last year has been a HUGE year for Mia...she started and "graduated" physical therapy for low muscle tone, she learned to walk, she got her second tooth (yes, she was 11 months old when she got her first) and subsequently has gotten every single tooth in her mouth since then (except for her two year molars), she went on her first week long vacation, she experienced Sesame Place for the first time, and SO many other milestones that I have documented along the way. Miss Mia Grace is FULL of sass and personality, and much more of handful than her big brother EVER was, but I must say I LOVE this stage. Listening to her talk, learning new words, learning to express herself, etc. has truly been amazing. At the beginning of January she was a straight haired, toothless little girl who still crawled to my now crazy curls, most adorable teeth ever, walking/climbing/running almost two year old. She LOVES all things babies and could spend hours playing with all of her dolls (it's precious to watch).

Mia Grace,
  Mommy loves you more than words could ever express. I probably still baby you WAY more than I should, but I just can't help it. You are my sweet baby girl, full of so much personality and fire. You make me smile a million times a day, and I truly thank you for every moment of the last 2 years. I know we won't always be the best of friends (dare I say from 12 years old-22 year olds ;)) but know that I am ALWAYS here for you! I pray that Daddy and I raise you to be a good, strong, Christian woman who always holds her morals and values in the highest regard. I know I tell you this everyday baby girl, but you are BEAUTIFUL! Always remember that...inside and out.

Love, Mommy

And for good measure (a review of Mia's last year, the first 6 months. I'll do July-December in a part 2)...
 January: We celebrate your birthday in a Winter ONEderland :)
 February: Mia had her first official playdate at Zia Amy's with our long time friend, Shelby and her daughter, Adelyn
 March: We wore our green to celebrate St. Pattys Day (blurry pic, but adorable :))
 April: Mia's love of baby dolls began (and her curls began too! :))
 April: We celebrated Easter and Mia's 1st black eye :)
 May: We celebrated our 3 sweet angels (nephews/cousins) in Heaven, on what would have been their 3rd birthday. We sent them balloons (and Manuel wore his pajamas outside! ;)
 May: We just hung around :)
 May: The weather was warm enough to get in the pool and get splashed in the face ;)
 June: We celebrated my 30th birthday with a surprise cook out, in matching outfits with our cousins, OF COURSE! ;)
June: We started our "full sass" mode ;)

Part 2 coming soon! :)


Jackie said...

Such a sweet post! Isn't it crazy how much they change in just a year?! Even crazier is how quickly a year can go by!

And, I'm sorry that this is overdue, but I'm SO relieved to hear that your MRI came back normal. What wonderful news!!

Lindsay said...

I cant believe shes going to be 2! Where has the time gone. Happy birthday sweet girl!

dottie said...

Happy Birthday to Mia! I just LOVE her curls!!! So cute!

Jennifer Vanzant said...

Such a beautiful little girl!!:-)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

What a sweet girl! I love your words to your daughter. I'm sure she'll love reading this when she's older.

My youngest guy turns two next month. I can't believe it!