Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mia's Birthday Part 1

Hi Friends! I hope you all are having a great weekend!!! We are thoroughly enjoying ourselves this weekend! I will be a VERY happy girl tomorrow if my Ravens beat the Patriots and head to the Super Bowl (FINGERS CROSSED!!! :) Before I start Manuel's year in review posts next week (in honor of his upcoming 6th birthday), I wanted to finish off Mia's birthday posts! :) Thank you all for your super sweet birthday wishes for my sweet, Mia Grace! :) She had a wonderful birthday on Wednesday! Her day started out with a birthday breakfast picnic with her brother. They enjoyed donuts (a rare treat) after a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday courtesy of Manny, Manuel and I! ;) Today was her birthday party at my moms house. It was a great day!!!!! There are a ton of picture, so todays post will be pics from her actual birthday (tomorrow I'll post pictures from her party! :))
And for good measure...
 Her birthday balloons
 Getting ready to walk in her room to sing Happy Birthday
 Sleeing in her brothers bed (don't ask! ;)) No, they don't sleep in the same bed. Sometimes parenting is about compromising and not sleeping in your bed (either of the kids! ;))
 Trying to wake up and take it all in :)
 Morning Hair! :)
 The birthday picnic set-up :)
 She barely ate of her donut, but she sure made a mess! ;)

 Mia opening up up her gift from a us! (and yes, we have toys EVERYWHERE in our house, and yes we are outgrowing our house! We need to move when our lease is up! :))

 A BIKE!!!!! :)

 All that partying wore the kids out...yes, Manuel is sleeping under those balloons! :)


christina said...

i adore her morning hair! :) and what a big girl!! already sleeping in a big girl bed! i love the idea of waking her up to singing, balloons, and a donut! :) so sweet. HAPPY BELATED 2nd!! can't wait for the party pics. :)

Jeska said...

aww Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Jackie said...

It looks like Mia had a wonderful birthday! I love her morning hair! :)

Lindsay said...

What a great day! Happy Birthday to the beautiful girl!