Monday, January 23, 2012

Manuel's Year In Review (Part 1)

First let me get this out Baltimore Ravens lost to the Patriots in yesterdays game and I am heartbroken! :( I'm a HUGE football fan (NFL) and I just hate when the season is over with, especially ONE GAME AWAY from the Superbowl! It's funny because I was/am genuinely bummed and still a little "down" today about it and I have NO true vested interest in the game (I'm not a player, I'm not related to any players, and I certainly did not bet money on the game!!!! :) I wonder how I would feel to be in any of those peoples shoes?!?!? :) Oh well, there's always next year (UGH! I hate when people say that! :)) Now to the important stuff...

January is a whirlwind month in our household with both of the kids celebrating their birthdays. We make them both feel VERY special and each birthday party is an individual celebration of that particular child and all of their amazingness! :)

On January 31st, my sweet sprited first born will be turning SIX! How did that happen!?!? Just typing that literally made my heart ache for a second and make me want to tear up. It is absolutely insane how quickly time goes. I must say, I understand how people have 5, 6, 7, 8 + children because time does fly, they grow up so quickly, and you miss each stage as it passes.

You can read Manuel's birth story here.

This last year has been an awesome year for Manuel, full of many milestones...graduating preschool, attending summer camp for the first time, starting Kindergarten, giving karate a try, growing as a big brother, learning how to deal with his emotions and not act out in school, starting the beginning stages of learning how to read, getting to bring home Bentley (his class mascot) for outstanding behavior (TWICE! :)), and a million other little things along the way. Manuel is definitely a little boy that any parent would be proud of!

Manuel Christopher,
   My kind spirited, sweet little soul, where do I ever begin? You are TRULY one of the most amazing little boys I have ever met, and I'm not just saying that because your my son. You have an absolute heart of gold, such a heart for people that I have no doubt you are going to be something astounding one day! To say that you are an excellent big brother is an are SO patient, so kind, so caring and just wonderful with Mia. I know she can be a bit much sometimes buddy as you just want to quietly sit and play your LeapPad, or calmly sit and watch a show, but you ALWAYS make time for her! You always talk to her when she's talking to you, and I just can't say enough about how you treat her. I pray that you two always remain close and that you are always there to protect her. I could sit and watch you two play for hours, in awe of how good you are with her. Daddy instills in you 3 very important things that you can say when asked, "What do you need to make sure you do in life?" You reply, "Work hard, love God and always protect my little sister." :) Not many 6 years old say that sort of thing, but Daddy has done an awesome job making you the little man that you need to be, to then ultimately become an amazing man of God! (and of coures Mommy has helped too! ;)) You had a big year buddy, with starting school, riding the bus and more, and I couldn't be more proud. Grant it, we had a rough two weeks where your behavior was "off" but with prayers, consequence, and talking and more praying, you did a complete turn around and are showing your true colors, like I knew you could/would! :) I pray that Mommy and Daddy raise you right buddy. I pray that we raise you to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, to live a life that honors and serves him, and that you gain confidence and love of the fantastic little boy you are. You will always be my baby!

Love, Mommy

And for good measure (a review of the first half of Manuel's last year)...
January: You celebrated your 5th birthday! :)
February: We were able to enjoy some outdoor time when it was unseasonably warm!
March: Celebrating St. Patty's Day in your green! :)
April: Helping Daddy build something! :)
April: Celebrating Easter
May: We welcomed warm weather and enjoyed a local carnival! :)
May: Celebrating our cousins 3rd birthday in Heaven
May: Graduating from preschool and making Mommy and Daddy SO proud by your response to "I am amazing because...." you answered, "I have good parents" :)
June: Building Daddy a tool box at Home Depot for Fathers Day
June: Celebrating Mommy's 30th birthday and unwillingly getting a picture taken! ;)
June: Wearing matching outfits with Spencer at Mommy's party

Stay tuned for Part 2 :)


Jackie said...

What a sweet boy! :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Time has been going so fast for me too lately!

What a great boy you have! I love that he gets along so well with Mia. And I'm so impressed he knows the three things his Dad taught him. Important things to know!

Shmonae said...

He is such a cute little man with his glasses. What a doll, and you are so cute with your huge smile :) So glad there is another crazy lady like myself out there! xoxo haha

Kayla said...

such a little heart throb. i cant imagine 4 much less 6. i refuse too!