Friday, January 13, 2012

Mia Grace's Year in Review (Part 2)

A few things: stay tuned for an awesome giveaway I have coming up, especially if you LOVE pictures, but have no time for actual scrapbooking! :) And don't forget to visit my moms Facebook page and become a fan to be automatically entered into a drawing for a Valentines Day basket of goodies (particulary her AWESOME Italian cookies! :)

Now, on to the good sweet Mia Grace! :)

You can go here if you missed part 1! :)

 July: Rocked the red, white and blue for the 4th of July (one of my all time fav pictuers of Mia!)
 July: Napped on the beach (our annual family vacation to Ocean City, MD)
 July: We relaxed on the beach and took awesome family pics :)
 August: Perfected our "pagent face" (via Toddlers and Tiaras. No, I wouldn't put her pagents, but I just think it's funny! :))
 August: Got dolled up for Manuel's 1st day of school ;)
 September: Celebrated Spencers 2nd birthday bouncing around :)
 September: Watched football until we fell asleep (AND WE HAVE OUR BIG PLAYOFF GAME THIS SUNDAY!)
 October: Went to the zoo for a friends 1st birthday party
 October: Made VERY important phone calls, apparently SO important that we needed two cell phones! ;)
 October: Celebrated Halloween as a duck and thoroughly enjoy WAY more candy than we're ever allowed! ;)
 November: OF COURSE we celebrated Thanksgiving, but more fun was our annual post-Thanksgiving bonfire where we rock jammies AND boots! ;)
 November: Brought unusually warm weather so we enjoyed a trip to the playground
December: Gettin' fancy for Christmas Eve! ;) 
December: Putting on our prettiest dress to celebrate Christmas and the birth of our Savior, Jesus! :)

I could post 365 days in a row about my beautiful daughter and NEVER convey the depths of my love for her. It just isn't humanly possible to express into words! In 5 days my baby will be 2 and I can hardly believe it! MIA GRACE, I LOVE YOU! :)

*And yes, I already have my Manuel's year in review ready to post at the end of the month, when he turns SIX! :)


Lindsay said...

Such a gorgeous little girl!

Jackie said...

Each picture is darling! Enjoy these last few days with your one year old!