Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ocean City Day #2

Unfortunately our condo did NOT have darkening shades and since we were beach front the sun started shining BRIGHTLY thru our WHITE BLINDS at around 5:30am, UGH! Sure enough, at 5:59am (yes, I remember the exact time! :)) both kids were up and ready to go! Don't get me wrong, vacation is all about getting the most out of every second BUT considering we went to bed way late the night before, I could have settled for a 7am wake up call! ;) We made the best of it though and just had a day FULL of fun...beach, pool, out to each and the boardwalk (that was pretty much protocol everyday! :)) Here are pics from Day #2...

 The view from our balcony around 6:30am :)
 Manuel BARELY awake, enjoying the view
 Breakfast in her jammies, enjoying some water, at the Bayside Skillet
 Enjoying some fresh squeezed lemonade, waiting for breakfast (and the peace sign! ;))
Mommy and Mia (I looked tired! :))
 Our beach set-up
 Our beach visit was short lived on Day #2 because of Mia so we headed to the pool

 All showered and ready to hit the boardwalk
 All dressed up and ready to go! :)
Manny and Manuel (yes, I'm not a fan of "character clothing" (just not my thing, no offense to anyone who is! :)) but it's vacation, so I let him get a Spongebob shirt which he wore this day (over top of the shirt he was wearing AND again the next day! :))
 Time for rides again! :)

 I LOVE these pics of Manuel (and NO peace sign! ;))

 They bicker, but honestly, in the end, have the sweetest relationship! :) Manuel ADORES her and takes such good care fo her! :)
 This picture puts a huge smile on my face...pure joy of children! :)
Another fav pic of Manuel! :) These clowns were adorable and collecting donations for their wedding (or so their bucket said! ;)) but they made Manuel perhaps, the most pathetic Spongebob balloon person I have EVER seen! :)

Day #2 was awesome and fun filled! I know the kids probably won't remember this trip (maybe Manuel will) but these memories will last a lifetime for Manny and I! :)

I hope you all had a great weekend! Heading back to work tomorrow after nine days off...EEK! ;)

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Jackie said...

The picture of M & M on the ride together melts my precious!