Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July weekend

Hello friends!

Last week was an absolute whirlwind in the working world! I love being busy because it makes my day go by fast BUT sometimes being THAT busy can be very overwhelming, especially when you are dealing with super demanding people. But, again, I'm thankful to have a job, thankful that it's the beginning of the month now (and hopefully a few days of being slow to recoup from last week), AND thankful that in 15 days I'll be on the beach with my kiddos and hubby! :)

I've been reading your blogs and continuing to follow everyones lives (even if I haven't been able to comment :))

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July! Yesterday was spent all day on the water at my sisters house with my entire fam (which was a blast!!!!). Today, Manny went crabbing with my uncle and they were VERY successful so tomorrow we'll be having a crab feast with the fam. I love it! :) I LOVE my fam, so I'm very excited to spend all this time with them! :) Take a moment to pray for those who are serving our country and allowing us to be a FREE country!!!!!

I have a ton of pics to share from yesterday (and I'm sure I'll take a ton more tomorrow) but for now, here is a photo dump (UGH! I hate that term, but I'm not sure what other term to use! :)) of our trip to Sesame Place last weekend. Enjoy! :)

Not Sesame Place, but I love Mia's baby doll in the dishwasher :) 
 Getting ready to hit the road to PA
 Biggest "Cheese" :)


 We were soaked! :)
 The super fun giant inner tube ride (me, Manuel, my mom, Manny, Spencer and Mia :))

 Mac & cheese face :)

 My sister and our boys (Manuel wanted NOTHING to do with this picture, in case you couldn't tell ;))
 Watching the Elmo Live show
Manuel and Manny watching the show
 Manuel and I (don't let his face fool you...he was having a blast, but again, did NOT want his pic taken! :))

Cousins, relaxing, waiting in line for a ride :)


Lindsay said...

SESAME PLACE?? OMG Landyn would be SO jealous! Where is this??? HOW FUN!

Shell said...

Oh, that looks like such fun!