Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ocean City Day #3

 Thankfully, after such a fun filled day #2, the kids kindly slept in a TAD on day #3! :) I think I woke up around 7am and began my morning. Mia followed suit, so I strapped her in her stroller and we went for a walk. We walked about a mile to Dunkin Donuts for coffee (well, for me, munchkins for her and Manuel, and a sausage croissant for Manny! ;)) When we got back to the condo the boys were up. We enjoyed breakfast, hung out for a bit, and then decided that since Day #2 wasn't quite a huge success at the beach with Mia (she is quite the busy body, and would rather walk all over everyones blankets with her sandy feet, eat the sand, etc. then play in the pool we bought just for her to use at the beach ;) or do anything remotely "relaxing"! ;)) so Manuel and I headed to the beach, while she and Manny headed to the pool. Manuel had a blast chasing waves, I got some sun, and all around we had a great Mommy/Manuel couple of hours (while Manny and Mia enjoyed a nice Daddy/Mia couple of hours-those sort of moments don't happen as often as we'd like, so it was nice! :)) Then Manny and Manuel hit the beach while Mia and I hung out at the private beach at the condo (She napped, I laid out :)). Then we all met up, got showered and ready, went out to dinner (surprise, surprise! ;)) and once again, hit the boardwalk! :)
They LOVED hanging out on the balcony in the morning!
All dressed up and ready to go! :)
I let Manuel "bury" me (I'm REALLY claustrophobic, so my bottom half was the only thing I was okay with being buried! :))
 My baby and I ;)
 Having a blast! :)
 Just for fun I had to take this pic...Ocean City is a pretty crowded place, no way around it! Thankfully for us, the earlier part of the week was pretty empty EXCEPT for the beach, the beach was packed EVERYDAY! Manny would go down early to set up our stuff and get a spot for us (some people would do this REALLY early, as in 6am!!!) but anway, on this day, Manny went down around 8am, put our stuff out and had a nice little area set up for Manuel and I. So we are enjoying the beach, relaxing every once in a while in our chairs and then it happened...a women came and sit LITERALLY right in front of us! I had to snap this pic! :) The family next to us just looked at us in shock and amazement! I know it's a free beach and a free country, but have some respect, geez louise! :) Not to mention that now I could no longer have a straight view of Manuel (NOT in the ocean, playing in the sand!)
 Back at the condo, ready to head to dinner
 But not before more pics! :) (yes, Manuel did get a little too much sun, but I promise we put a TON of sunscreen on him :(

 At the fun restaurant we went to for dinner
 Hanging out in the pirate ship while we waited for our table (the ONE time we had to wait to be seated our entire vacation. Pretty good if you ask me! :))
 Mia and Daddy (notice the random little girl in the bottom corner. She wanted in on the family fun too, apparently! ;))
 Enjoying her absolute favorite drink EVER....water! The girl LOVES it!
 Waiting for our food, Manuel was still playing :)
 At the boardwalk (I couldn't pass up this BEAUTIFUL photo op! :))
 Manuel was SO excited to win Mia this Strawberry Shortcake (it was the first game he played, and he insisted on getting his sister something! SO sweet! :))

 Yes, he's wearing his Spongebob shirt again. Yes, I washed it (I actually did laundry EVERYDAY so that I wouldn't have to do it when we got home! :))
 Mia on the airplane ride. She was the pilot, I was co-pilot :)
 Mia and Manuel on the mini ferris wheel! Mia LOVED It! :)
 The kids and I on the mini carousel
 Too funny! :)
 The sno-cones at this place came in one size, and this was it! :)
 Mia was eating some of my ice cream and there was a family on the bench next to us just in awe of her and her cuteness. And of course, she was eating it up, TOTALLY! :)
 Manny and I (see the sign in the background, it was for the Dew Tour. THANKFULLY it started the day before we left because we heard it was a complete madhouse down in Ocean City with it there! :))
He fell asleep on the boardwalk while we were "people watching" :) 

Not sure why this pic keeps moving to the bottom, but it's too cute not to share!

Stay tuned for tomorrow, our last day (and probably some of the best pics-if I do say so myself! ;))


Jackie said...

Could Mia and Manuel have had any more fun on their vacation?! I can just see the happiness on their faces in every picture!

So sweet that Manuel won a prize for his sister! :)

dottie said...

I just love all your fun pictures! I think the random girl is hilarious. Ba ha!

I love family vacations!!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love your vacation picks. You are brave to let your son bury you in the sand. I don't know if I could even handle my bottom half being buried!

And I definitely could use snow cone like that! Your kiddos are adorable, as always!!!