Friday, July 29, 2011

Ocean City Day #4 (part 1 :))

Hello friends!

Sorry for the hiatus in vacation postings not that you all were waiting by your computers for them ;) but it was month end at work, and VERY busy! :)

Our 4th day on vacation was VERY eventful and full of A LOT of pictures, so I'm going to break up the pics up into two posts so there aren't 75 pics to look through :)

Manny's best friend from his childhood was at the beach with his girlfriend for the weekend, so we met up with them, and figured that with four extra hands, we might be able to "conquer" the beach with Mia! ;) And we did. It was a great time!

 Yes, the Spongebob shirt AGAIN! ;)
 The loves of my life! :)

 Face plant in the sand! :)
Being a beach baby is tough work! ;) 

"Uncle" Marty and Megan playing with Mia
Part 2 (our evening on the beach for family pics!) coming soon! :)


sara said...

Love Mia's suit and the face plany picture made me laugh out loud!! What a little cutie pie!

Jackie said...

Great family picture! And I agree with Sara on both points 1. Mia's suit is adorable and 2. The face plant picture is hilarious! :)