Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Recap Part 2 (mostly just pics :))

So here are some of my favorite shots from Easter Sunday of my family! My extended family is VERY close! My cousins are like siblings to me and I hope and pray that Manuel and Mia will be that way with Spencer and Vivienne (my sisters children). Although Manuel and Mia have cousins from my husbands brothers, I know, sadly, that they will never be close with them. Manny's one brother, J, has 4 children who we see MAYBE 4 times a year. Manny's half brother, S, has a daughter who we see more often than the others, but not by much. Manny was not raised in a tight knit, close like I was, but he wants so much more and so much different for his children than what he had. I love that about him! :)

 Vivienne, Manuel, Mia and Spencer (cousins and best friends, they just don't know it yet! ;))
 The girls..."bookend cousins"-Mia was born in January 2011 and Vivienne was born in December 2011 :)
 Mia and Nonna (my stylin', beautiful Momma! :))
 The "orange" boys (not planned for Erik to be matching too! :)...my cousin Erik, Manny and Manuel
 My cousin, Tanya, Erik and I (it was SUCH a blessing Erik was here to spend Easter with us. Erik is in a year long Christian based rehab program to beat a very serious addiction)
 Uncle Lenny and Mia (UL is VERY special to our family! First off, he adores my children, but that's not the only reason I love him! :)) Uncle Lenny (my moms brother) was born in Sicily about 60 years ago. He was SEVENTEEN lbs when he was born to my sweet Nonna WITH NO DRUGS at home!!! They thought he was stillborn (he was blue) so they set him aside to save my grandmothers life (clearly she was hemorrhaging and keep in mind this was in another country 60 years ago!!!). He was without oxygen, for nobody really knows how long, and they didn't know he was alive until finally he let out a little cry. Uncle Lenny might not aways says the right things and might be a little slower at things than others, but he is our Uncle Lenny and we LOVE him! :)
 Manny and Christopher (my cousins son), relaxing, watching Tangled
 Mia and Spencer
Mia watching the boys :)

I sort of did things backwards, but oh well...tomorrow will be pics of Easter egg dying and Easter morning :)

Enjoy your day friends! :)


Jackie said...

Great pictures! Mia and Manuel are very lucky to have cousins close-by!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Loved your sweet pictures from you two posts. I wish my kids had cousins who were closer. That's funny they had matching shirts on accident.

And, a 17lb baby! Really! Hats off to Nonna. I'm glad your have Uncle Lenny in your life.

Courtney B said...

Mia's dress is so so SO cute! Looks like you had an amazing Easter weekend :)