Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Ya'll (said in my best southern accent except I don't have one! ;))

I STILL need to post super adorable pictures of Mia and Manuel from LAST weekend, but I had to share these 3 (very poor quality)* pics that I took with my cell phone this morning. The "legs" Mia is wearing are from mama runs with scissors. I won a giveaway last week that she had and I absolutely LOVE them! Check out her Etsy shop. You won't be disappointed! :)

*My cell phone broke on Monday :( It wasn't anything special but it had SO many videos, pictures, "notes" (on the Notepad tool), etc. on it from the time Mia was born up until now. I slid it open to send a text and it just broke. It won't power on, it won't do anything! :( I'm super bummed that all of those videos, pictures, etc are gone. I know, I know, I should have downloaded them (if that's even possible. I'm so NOT technically savy! :)), backed them up, but it's too late now. And to add insult to injury when I tried to use Backup Assistant to put my contacts in my "new" phone, SOMEHOW I overwrote all of Manny's contacts with mine, so now I don't even have any of my numbers, UGH! Oh well, it's a cell phone. If that's my biggest "problem" of the week, I should thank God! So now I'm using one of Manny's old cell phone (circa 1967 ;)) and the camera isn't the best.

But enough babbling, here are the pics...(oh, and if you notice the kids look a little tired, it was 6:30am!!! :))

Have a great weekend!!!! :)


Diane said...

They are precious. Love the 'legs'!

Jackie said...

The 'legs' are adorable! Sorry about your phone. My computer crashed when Isla was little and I lost EVERYTHING from month 3-6 of her life. :( Now I back up all the time!

Have a great weekend!