Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy 15 Months Mia Grace

*EDIT: Today, 5/2/11, we had your 15 month check-up. You weighed 25 lbs (on the dot) and you were 30.25 inches. That is only .25 inches from your 12 month check-up so Dr. K is assuming that the person who took your measurements last time measured wrong OR it's possible that you really didn't grow much (but I'm thinking the inaccurate measuring). She said we won't be concerned and hopefully come your 18 month check-up you've gotten taller! ;) And your head is still off the charts (large) but it's consistently off the charts, so there are no worries there! :)) As Dr. K says, it's for all of your knowledge and big brain! :))

*I promised lots of awesome pics from all the weekend fun we had, but unfortunately I don't have any! :) I took some pictures at the bouncy place thingy we went to but they didn't turn out. I was using my moms super fancy camera that I have NO clue how to use, so it didn't work out. But just know we had a great time! :)) I'll do a little recap tomorrow but for now we are going to celebrate Mia's big 15 month b-day! :)

What are you up to these days...

-You don't go to see Dr. K until May 2nd for your 15 month check-up, so that's when we'll get your exact stats, but for now, I'm guessing you are around 25 lbs and some ounces. Maybe I'm wrong! :) You have quite a belly on you! :) We refer to it as "Linnie Syndrome"....Linnie LOVES to feed her babies and must think they'll starve unless they are constantly eating! ;) She does really good though with adhering to Mommy's desires for you to stay away from too much "bad stuff" (chicken nuggets, french fries, etc.)

-You have perfected your walking! :) You don't run yet, but you can walk REALLY fast (especially when you realize the gate is down and want to get up the stairs! :)) but

-You are in size 5 diapers. We actually use Walgreens brand (believe it or not. It's SO funny because when Mommy had your brother I insisted on Pampers! I wouldn't dare use generic or any sort of "off brand" but times have changed sweet pea. It's not that Mommy loves you ANY less, but let's use our brains here...if Walgreens brand is a thousand times cheaper AND work just as well, then let's save some money! :)) And just to clarify, Walgreens size 5 are for babies 25 (or maybe it's 27) lbs and up! :) I know some brand size 5 are for 32+ lbs. That is NOT how much you weigh Mia Grace! :)

-You wear almost all 18 month clothes. You can still fit into some of your 12 month stuff, but it's pretty much 18 months across the board.

-With Mommy's job loss "scare" last week we almost had to say goodbye to Linnie and neither she nor I were handling it well AT ALL! I couldn't stop crying when I thought about you leaving her. And she was just absolutely beside she said, "I loved her before she was even born!" and if that doesn't sum up how she feels about you, I don't know what does! :) We are SO lucky to have someone so amazing taking care of you Mia while Mommy and Daddy work. And thankfully, HOPEFULLY, God willing, we won't have to worry about saying goodbye for about 3 more years (when it's time for you to start school!)

-You are SO mischievous and quite the climber. Your favorite thing to do is dig in the trashcan. The other morning I caught you eating an apple out of the trashcan that your brother had just thrown away! :) And you will climb on top of anything and everything (including your brothers Bob the Builder laptop that he's outgrown, but you LOVE it!) to get up on the sofa.

-You are back to sleeping through the night, for the most part :) We finally have a bedtime routine down for you. Up until about 2 weeks ago you didn't fall asleep unless Mommy or Daddy were holding you. I know it was a bad habit to be in BUT that's what worked for our family. However, along with that, came the inability for you to self soothe AT ALL. So I put my foot down (very begrudgingly ;)) and decided that you needed to be put asleep, while you were awake, and put yourself to sleep. IT.WAS.SO.EASY! You were ready! We say our prayers as a family, you say "bye bye" to Daddy and Manuel, blow kisses, I say my special little prayers for you on our way upstairs, I lay you down, turn on Violet (the doggy that plays music), cover you up, say, "Good night. I love you" and walk out. That's that! :)

-You now have a total of FOUR teeth! FINALLY! :) Since our last blog post (at 14 months) you now have both of your top one year molars coming in. YAY!!! :)

-You are amazing Mommy with how many words you say! You repeat EVERYTHING, but the words you actually use on your own are, "Mama" "Dada" "Ball" (everything round, even your waded up diapers are balls :)) "Go" "Bye bye" "Hi" "Nan Nan" (Manny, as in my son, not my husband. I call Manuel, Manuel, but at school, at church, etc. he goes by Manny). I'm sure there are more words, but that's all I can think of right now.

-You can point to your ears, hair, teeth, belly and nose when asked.

-You continue to pretty much eat anything and everything, even spinach! :) And you still LOVE water! And yes, you still eat some baby food.

-You LOVE being the center of attention! You will do anything you can to get people to laugh! :)
I love you my sweet baby girl!

And for good measure (some poor quality cell pics! :))
 Happy Girl! :)
Manuel teaching Mia his "sight words" for Kindergarten :) 


Courtney B said...

She is so stinkin CUTE! And I've heard great things about walgreens brand diapers! Seriously!

Shell said...

What a cutie!

Jackie said...

Happy 15 months, sweet girl!

I used to insist on Pampers for Isla, until I saw the money we could be saving! Now I insist on Parent's Choice :)

Lindsay said...

I love the cell pics cause they capture the moment perfectly :) Such a big girl!