Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Wow, it's been a couple of days since I've posted anything meaningful and from the heart! :) But I do want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone for their encouragement on this post. It wasn't written for attention or to seek pity, it was just from the heart, so thank you for your encouragement! It's so weird how, even as adults, your insecurities come out in something as "simple" as blogging, and the concept of cliches and feeling left out can become prevalent!

In case we aren't friends on Facebook...I'm working from home again today because Mia has pneumonia! I swear, any time any sort of congestion/coughing/etc appears in Mia I'm SO quick to jump and take her to the doctors because of all of Manuel's respiratory issues (RSV, asthma, pneumonia SEVERAL times, etc.) but for whatever reason, I though this time, "Give it a few days. Lets see if it's just a cold..." Then last night Manny was holding her putting her to sleep and he said, "I don't think she's okay. I think it's more than just a cold." He made the decision to take her to Patient First (it was 8:30pm and obviously her pediatricians office wasn't open). FINALLY, around 11:30pm Manny called to tell me that after two chest x-rays it was determined she had pneumonia. Poor girl! :( I hope she's on the mend ASAP. I also hope and pray that she is NOT on the road to follow in her brothers footsteps in the respiratory department! Please pray for a quick recovery for my sweet girl!

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Have a wonderful day! :)


Jackie said...

Poor Mia! :( I hope she is on the mend soon!

Shell said...

Oh, your poor little one!