Monday, March 14, 2011

Hello friends! :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! The weather in my neck of the woods was beautiful (and by beautiful I mean mid-50's but I'll take it! :)) We did some Spring cleaning on Saturday, pulled out the spring/summer clothes for the kiddos, organized the closets, put the "wintery" porch decorations away and got out the Spring ones, and now, well now we just wait for it to feel like Spring! :)

We received several bags of hand me down clothes for Mia (18 months-4T) from a co-worker of Manny's, which was SO nice, and it was very exciting to pull out the 18 month Spring line! ;) (I am not one of those people who is too good for hand me downs, EVER! :)) There are some dresses in the mix that have a vintage feel (and definitely remind me of something my mom would have put me in when I was young)! I can't wait for Mia to wear them. I'm thinking about one of them possibly being her Easter dress, but I haven't decided yet. Either way, she will look like a doll, I'm sure! :)

Manuel is LOVING the nicer weather and being able to get outside and ride his bike. Once it gets a tad warmer we are going to work with him on taking the training wheels off his bike (that Santa brought). He's excited. I'm a nervous wreck just thinking about it. But that's nothing unusual! ;) We have this official Kindergarten registration next Friday (March 25th). I can't believe it! My baby! :( He is VERY excited to be attending summer camp (at his preschool) this year! It's only an extra $10/week but considering how much they do, it's REALLY worth it! And I figure that it will give him one final summer hurrah before he starts his 13+ years of schooling! :)

Hubby is continuning to work his butt off for our family! I couldn't be more thankful! It's nice to be fully confident in your job, be awesome at what you do, and be recognized for the level of your work. A lot has changed for hubby recently (in regards to how people treat him at work) and his hardwork and amazing work ethic is finally being noticed by the "higher-ups" YAY!!!! :)

My job seems to be "stable" for now...I work in the mortgage industry so really, "stable" is a very loose term to not really mean much of anything. For today, I still have my job (Thank God!) and hopefully it will remain that way, however, I can say with certainty that if we have another slow month one of us (my co-worker or I) will be gone. Even though I have been here longer, she doesn't have a family or a husband so her schedule is pretty much open and flexible, so I THINK I'd be let go before her, but I guess only God knows that! :) So for now, I'm grateful to still be employed and contributing to the well being of my family! :) (financially speaking). I'm spending the night away from Mia for the very first time this coming Saturday (eekkkk!) I know I deserve it, and it's okay for Mommy's to get away, but I do feel bad and am definitely going to miss her (and Manuel too, of course! :)) but it's just one night, less then 15 hours away from them, so I'll manage! Every year my friend Lauren hosts a "Girls Night In" at her house, with a theme and the whole nine yards. This year the theme is Post St. Patty's Day. We are going to have a great time! :) I can't wait!

I hope you all are doing well. Don't forget to enter my Purex giveaway here. I'm choosing five winners and only 3 people have entered so you have some pretty good odds in your favor! :)

And for good measure (pics from this weekend-ish)...
Manuel cheesin' it up :)

Mia wearing her new Spring coat (that she got for her b-day)
Hubby and I self-pic :)


Jackie said...

Hooray for hand-me-downs! Some friends of ours send Isla a few boxes of clothes every once in a while and it is the best thing EVER!

Cute pictures! Mia's coat is precious.

Jeska said...

Hey!! Thanks for all your nice comments. I'm so happy the weather is starting to warm up too!! And yes, be thankful you have a job today and each day you do. There are so many unemployed! Glad to see everything is going well with you!

Hanna said...

Thank you for tour encouragement Christina! I swear other moms is the only way I survive motherhood:) and I LOVE hand me downs!!! In fact we have hardly ever bought clothes for either kiddo because we get so many hand me downs!! Love em! I'll be so excited to see
The pics of your vaca. I know it's not for a few months but you should take lots of pics:) have a great day Christina!!!