Thursday, July 1, 2010

Raw(e): Summertime

I LOVE taking pictures. Mainly of my children, but pictures in general are a passion of mine. I NEVER, not one single solitary time have EVER edited any of my pictures. Oh trust me, it's not because I think I am THAT good at photography (if we are being honest, my camera cost about $100 and I have NOOOO clue how to do anything with it, other then click the "take picture" button (is that the technical term? ;) but I have never edited a picture because I don't know how. I don't know how to use any editing software, or should I say I've never tried. But ALL of this rambling leads up to something super neat I came across...Sami!
(oh wow, I just did a link "thingy"-again, the technical term, I'm sure! ;) I've never done that before, without typing out the entire website address! :) YAY ME!) Anywho, Sami does a series called Raw(e) and I decided to participate this week. Here is my completely unedited, untouched picture (because remember, I have NO clue how to do any of that! :) Enjoy!
My son, Manuel at the beach last week. He was boogie boarding, oh excuse me, he said, "I'm surfing! Surfs up!" :)

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Mommy2Four said...

He's adorable :) Very cute!