Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Funnies


I came across this super adorable blog, Triple Blessings, and wanted to participate in Friday Funnies. Enjoy mine and then visit Triple Blessings and read other funny things children and moms say! :)

-My son REALLY isn't a morning person, so it's a chore to get up and ready for preschool. I overheard my husband say to him, "Manuel, get dressed! We have to leave for school soon." Manuel says, "Hold on Daddy! I'm telling Mia (our daughter) that when she gets older the boys are going to want to marry her!" :)
-We have all sorts of nicknames for Mia but this was a first...Manuel was laying next to her after she fell asleep and he said, "You are the cutest baby meatball ever!"
-My husband was trying to explain to Manuel that he had girlfriends before he married me, and that I had boyfriends before I married him (LONG story, but Manuel brought up the ideas of marriage/boyfriends/girlfriend/etc.) and Manuel said, "When you fell in love with Mommy did hearts come out of you?" (I guess he sees too many cartoons/shows where that happens! :)
-Manuel is "reading" a book, and he is pointing to each animal and saying which member of our family the various animals represent. I said, "Who am I? Manuel says, "The elephant." I say, "The elephant!?!?!??!?!?!?" He says, "Yes mommy, but the elephant in this book is NOT fat!" :)

I absolutely LOVE this idea of "Friday Funnies"! Everyone always tells me that I need to start documenting the things Manuel says because they are HILARIOUS! And now I have a way to do it! :)



MomBrose said...

Oh my word! Is he four or fourteen?! Those are hilarious!! The cutest meatball! I seriously almost spit out my coffee! Glad you have a way to document all his Funnies! I can't wait to look back on these in fifteen years and tell my kids all the crazy stuff they said! Welcome to the party :)

OneGirl said...

Too funny!

I found your blog through the thread on MckMama's forum about new blogs etc. I like your blog. :)