Thursday, July 29, 2010

out of the mouths of moms


*I am BEYOND excited that I was actually able to copy and paste MckMama's button on my post. I have NEVER been able to figure it out before, and no, it was never as simple as "copy and paste"! I may not be "blog savy" but I do get the concept of copy and paste! :)

Anyway, on to my post. I say a million and one things to my 4 year old on a daily basis that make me think, "Did I just say that????" but the funniest one from the last few days has to be...

"Manuel, no, you can not ride your sister like a horse. Because! What do you mean you were just pretending? You were sitting on her, saying "Giddy up horsey, giddy up!" I DON'T CARE! You are 48 lbs, she is 15 lbs YOU CAN REALLY HURT HER! Don't ever let me catch you acting like your sister is a horse again! Got it? Good!"

I just remembered another..."Manuel, stop using your toothbrush as a razor. No, you can not shave your face. Well, you can pretend if you want to, but NOT while there is toothpaste on it. I KNOW YOU ARE JUST PRETENDING! Now you have toothpaste all over your face and hair. Well that's why your face feels funny. Please stop!"

I'm going to have to start writing these things down so I can have several for the next time MckMama does this! :)

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