Monday, July 12, 2010

Not Me Monday

*I REALLY wish that I knew how to post MckMama's fun little "Not Me Monday" logo on this post (or any of my "Not Me Monday" posts for that matter!!!! Unless of course it's trademarked and I'm not supposed to be able to use it because that would be illegal and I would never do that, no really I'm not a lawbreaker! :) I wish I was more blog savy in general! :(

But anyway...yesterday as I was going about my day there were several occassions where I thought to myself, "I have to remember this for my NMM post" and now that I am sitting down to type it I only remember a few!!!

I certainly would NEVER EVER forgo breakfast before church (which is about a total of 3 hours between the sermon and teaching Sunday school) with the knowledge that a trip to Costco was in store for Mia and I after church and I could just eat "lunch" there. And by lunch, I mean samples! :) A civilized human being would NEVER go sample-eating-crazy in a Costco and eat such an array of samples that I felt full after leaving. Never Ever! :)

In that same Costco trip I would never forget that Mia had a poopy diaper until AFTER we got back out to the car, therefore forcing me to change her in the front seat. A seasoned mother would never do such a thing. The minute she smells poop it is her first duty (no pun intended! ;) to change the child immediately! Only bad mothers forget to change their children at the first sight/smell! :)

And lastly...good parents would never trick their 4 year old son into thinking they ordered him mac and cheese from the local restaurant (when said parents had ordered out dinner) in actuality they secretly put some Easy Mac in the microwave and cooked it up for him to save money on buying a kids meal! :) Tricking your children is wrong, and so is letting them eat processed mac and's bad parenting. All meals should be cooked at home! ;)

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Alexa Mae said...

i love how you brought easy mac! i am going to remember that one. you are genius.

Mommy2Four said...

OOOOOH.... I so need to try the EasyMac trick on my child! I never even thought of that!

I cough... how awful, tricking your child like that! :::wink:::

Very cute! Thanks!