Friday, July 2, 2010

Family Vacay 2010

Just a post of pics of our trip to the beach last week. We had a blast! Mia was recovering from a trip to the ER that morning (long story short...her preauricular sinus was severely infected. Never heard of it? Neither had we! :) Well, we knew she had a preauricular sinus since birth BUT we didn't know that it was something that could be come infected!!!!) So she was a tad cranky and "off" but you would have never known it from the pictures. She's quite the ham! :) Manuel had a blast "surfing" all day and just soaking up the rays. It was a nice time for hubby and I to re-connect too. Who couldn't use some marriage reconnection?? :)


*UGH, worst blogger ever...I can't get my pics to post below my introductory paragraph AND I can't figure out how to rotate the one adorable pic of Mia. Oh well, enjoy anyway! :)

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