Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The day of your birth (Mia)

*No, this is not the day of her birth, but just a really adorable picture of her when she was about 2 1/2 months old :)

I had such a neat time recalling the details of the day Manuel was born, that I wanted to document Mia's birthday also. Grant it, her birth was only 6 1/2 months ago, but still, I want them to read this blog one day, and she deserves hers documented too! :)

From about 7 months prego or so, I knew that my c-section date would be 1/18/10 and that I had to be at the hospital by 7:30am. (Unless of course Mia decided to come sooner). But I knew that by 1/18/10, I would be meeting our Mia Grace! I went to my OB, the wonderful Dr. B (who also delivered Manuel), the week prior for my final appt and all systems were "a go"! :) I had some congestion in my chest so he put me on some antibiotics JUST to be safe! He didn't want d-day to come, and then not be able to operate because of some infection. I knew from the very beginning that Mia was going to be born via scheduled c-section. My OB does not perform VBAC's. A lot of people wonder why I didn't switch OB's if I desired to know what a vaginal birth was like, and in all honest, yes, I do want to know what a vaginal birth is like BUT having my children via c-section makes me NO less of a mother. I did not bond with either of my children any less because they were born c-section. And in all honesty, I love my OB THAT much, that the thought never crossed my mind to switch. But I digress :) ....

Let me back up some more (just for a sec :)...So a few months prior to Mia's birth we learned that the hospital where I was delivering had a VERY strict visitors policy with the seasonal flu and swine flu in full effect. Not only could I only have TWO visitors my entire stay (the same two visitors, the entire 96 hours I was hospitalized) but no one under 12 was allowed AT ALL! What did that mean? My four year old would not be able to meet his baby sister until she was 96 hours old. I would have to go 96 hours without seeing my first born. NINTEY SIX HOURS!??! I hadn't gone more then 48 hours without seeing him. I was devastated. Don't get me wrong, I understand it all, and I got why this policy was in effect, but for a prego mamma to be told that all the visions of "Big Brother" t-shirt hospital pics were out the window! :( After weeks of realizing policy was policy, I came to accept it, and began the process of TRYING to explain to a four year old (well almost 4) why he couldn't come visit his baby sister once she was born. He'd have to wait until we came home. BUT, at my final OB appt I was told that the ban had been lifted and Manuel was allowed to visit. You would have thought I had just won the lottery! It was my Facebook status for a week. I was over the moon! :) So back to the day...

I was up and at 'em super early on 1/18/10. Like my d-day with Manuel, I couldn't sleep. I showered, straightened my hair, put on make-up, etc. We left the house around 6am and took Manuel to my mom's house. She was going to keep him until Mia was here, we were settled in my post partum room and everything was good to go. We said our goodbyes, and took our last pic as a family of 3! :) And the last pic of my prego belly! :( (I can't stress it enough I LOVE being prego!!!!!) We arrive at the hospital, we are checked in, and taken back to pre-op. It's a little different this time around because we knew I was having a c/s. My nurse, Sarah (I think. I have written in her baby book) was SOOOOO nice. She gave me my awesome hospital attire, got my IV set, and then we (Manny and I) just hung out and watched TV. A couple more people meandered in over the course of my pre-op stay, listening to my lungs over and over again. All I kept thinking was, "PLEASE don't tell me that this can't happen today because of cold/infection!?!?!?!?" Thankfully I was given the clear, and I patiently waiting for the anethesiologist. He came, introduced himself, explained the procedure and was gone as quickly as he came :) Then walked in Dr. B, and once he realized that anethesia had already given me the details of everything that was going to happen, he said, "It's showtime" (that's Dr. B! He's a pull no punches Italian, straight from NY! :) I love him! I may be partial because I'm Italian. But I think I'd love him even if I wasn't! :) Surgery wasn't schedule to begin until 9:30am, but at about 10 minutes until 9am, my nurse helped me walk a few feet right in to the OR. (Manny was getting "suited up" :) This time I knew that was going to happen, so I wasn't SO scared with him being gone. But I still wanted him to hurry!)

My nurse instructed me to stay far right, away from all the equipment on the table because it was sterilized and we couldn't risk ANYTHING touching it. I was helped up on to the table (all the while trying to keep my gown some what shut in the back. I know all bets are off when you are prego, and everything you "own" :) is shown to the world, but still, I'm a VERY modest person and don't like the idea of my hiney hanging out to complete strangers! :) So I get up on the table, lean forward, the anethesiologist does his thing, and he slowly, along with my nurse, helps me lay back down. In walks Dr. B and the Dr. assisting him. In walks Manny (YAY! Total calm comes over me when I see my hubby). They make sure I can't feel anything. (I remember this time to NOT look up in to the reflection of the huge light hanging over me :) and the surgery begins. All I want is to hear her cry. That's all I want! I feel the usual tugging and pulling. Dr. B stops chatting every few minutes to make sure I'm okay. (he and his Dr. buddy were chatting about various vacations. I LOVED it! I felt totally comfortable that my Dr was comfortable enough with what he was doing that he could talk about vacation and not sit there in total silence! :) And I'm a SUPER nosey person, so it was fun to hear about their lives! :) The anethesiologist kept asking me if I was okay, and then he said, "She's almost out!" Just like that, out came by daughter, at 9:11am. She was a 7 lb 3oz precious angel!

Manny walked over to cut the cord, take pics, etc. All I wanted was for him to walk back over and tell me my little girl was perfect. A few seconds later (it felt like minutes), he walked over with our daughter, our Mia Grace! We both cried. We were parents again! :)

I was stitched back up (Not that I remember that part :) and wheeled to recovery. My sweet nurse from pre-op was there again (YAY!!!) and I was instructed that once I could wiggle my toes and feet I could go to my room. Manny, Mia and I enjoyed some very special time together. It took MUCH longer for the feeling to come back in my legs which completley freaked me out, but eventually I could wiggle my toes, and I was transported to my room. We had my mom bring Manuel in to meet his little sister and it was a very precious moment. It was a tad overwhelming for me as the medication started to wear off and I was in a significant amount of pain, but something I will never forget! :)

The next few days were spent getting accustomed to being a family of 4 (as much as you can in a hospital setting :) and getting to know my beautiful little girl.

Going from a one child household to a household with two children was a HUGE adjustment (just being honest :) and at times, 6 1/2 months later, I'm still not sure if we are all fully adjusted :) BUT we wouldn't have it any other way!

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