Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Excitement doesn't even begin to describe it...

Okay, so I am so flippin' excited...my sister and her hubby found out on December 23rd that she is pregnant! I am just now announcing it because I was just now give the "go ahead" to do so per my sister. So, you may be asking yourself, "What's the big deal, you are going to be an aunt?" but what you don't understand is that it's a HUGE deal. You see, for those of you that don't know, my sister and her hubby have struggled with fertility issues for some time. She got pregnant through AI, and miscarried. Then in December 2007 we found out that her in-vitro "took" and she was prego. After a few months we learned that she was prego with not, not two, but THREE babies! Then a bit of time later we found out that they were all THREE boys! :) Amy, her husband, Mike and our entire family were beside ourselves, SOOO excited!!! As was God's plan, at the end of April Amy went in to labor. They held it off for as long as possible, but they had done all they could do and Amy had the boys. Mateo was still born. Anthony held on for a few hours, but passed in my arms. Ian was the only one that held any chance (at being only a tad over a pound), but his chances were slim. We held out hope but the very next day Ian decided to join his brothers in Heaven and also passed. It was/still is a horrible time for our family, and I can't even begin to imagine how Amy and Mike feel/felt about it all. We miss those boys every day and I often wonder what they would be doing, and how Manuel would be reacting to have three little baby boys to "look after." I know that Mateo, Anthony and Ian are in Heaven, being well cared for my relatives who have gone on before. And I also know that they are watching over their brother or sister-to-be and making sure everything goes well with this pregnancy. Please say a prayer for them, as this is a very emotional time for Amy and Mike. They are SO excited to be pregnant again, but obviously, understandably VERY cautiously optimistic.

I'm going to be an Aunt again, WOO HOO!!! :)

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