Monday, January 19, 2009

And so it goes...

"My" team (remember, I own them! ;) fell victims to the Pittsburgh Steelers (EEKKKK, I hate even typing that name), and we will NOT be enjoying a trip to Florida for the Super Bowl! :( I am a bit heartbroken (not being dramatic, it's the truth). But I am VERY proud-a rookie quarterback and head coach make it to the AFC Championship, that's quite a feat! There's always next year. And I hope we are there next year, but this time with a trip to the Super Bowl being the cherry on the sundae! :)

Other then that, our weekend was fab! Low key, but sometimes you need that!!! And a GREAT sermon from Dr. Hall at our church, really made me think. Gotta loves those messages.

I hope everyone has a great week even if your teams not Super Bowl bound! :)

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