Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Gomez's Rockin' Eve

Happy 2009 to all! Our New Years Eve was great, VERY low key, but that's how we wanted. Being relatively young, we still get the invites to go to this party, and that party, a family gathering at my Aunt & Uncle's house, etc., all of which were pretty tempting invites, BUT after running, running, running last week with Christmas, and also having to work, I was just plain beat! (longest run-on sentence in history! :) So, hubby, Manuel and I decided that we were going to ring in the New Year, just the 3 of us. We watched a Dog the Bounty Hunter marathon, which Manuel fell asleep halfway through (about 9ish), and then at 11pm the Dick Clark's New Years Eve came on. The ball feel, 2009 began with a kiss from my hubby, laying in our bed, just relaxing. What a change of pace from new years past, but I wouldn't change it for the world! :) I hope 2009 finds peace, love, hope, good health and happiness for all of you. I have decided not to make official "resolutions" this year, rather Hopes for 2009. Here they are...

1) to be a better mother and wife. Don't get me wrong, I think I fair well at both, but I do notice that at time my patience runs thin, VERY thin, and I just need to re-evaluate. There are millions of people out there who would trade places with me in a heartbeat and I need to value, TRULY, value what I have.

2) to be a better Christian. Sure, I attend church every Sunday, we tithe (when we can), I teach Sunday school every other month, I pray daily, etc. but I need to REALLY work on being a better representation of God. Especially while I am work, that tends to be my downfall. It's so easy to fall into the gossipy, foul-languaged, environment of an office, but I really want to stop from doing that!!!!!!

Those are my two main goals for the year! Oh, wait, and to lose weight, BUT I really don't see that happening being as though Manny and I are going to start trying for Baby #2 within the month, but I hope that I can take the weight off quickly after he/she gets here. Manuel will be 3 next month and I still haven't lost all of his "baby weight", UGH, that's pathetic! :)

This year has seen many ups and downs for my family, and I just pray that 2009 will be THE year. The year that my sister and her hubby are blessed with a baby. The year that Manny and I are able to get completely financially secure to move to a place of our own, have another child, etc. The year that Manuel is completely healthy! Although his health scares hail in comparison to many other children out there, a sick child, is a sick child, and no parent wants to see their child sick. After countless hospital stays, a spinal taps, CT scans, etc. I am happy to report that it was "nothing" but ask a parent if they can get the thought of their child screaming at the top of their lungs, dripping sweat, begging for you, while SEVERAL nurses hold him down for a spinal tap. I will NEVER forget that moment. So needless to say this year, I'd like a hospital-free, seizure-free year for Manuel.

I can write and write until my fingers turn blue about what I "want" for my family, and I, but let's be honest, we know who the author of our lives is, and it's up to Him what's going to happen to us. I just trust that He'll be there, guiding me every step of the way! :)

Love and prayers for 2009!

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