Friday, January 23, 2009


I would imagine that every parent on this planet thinks that his/her child is the most amazing, not perfect, but amazing! So, being as though I am a mommy, why would I be any different, right? I think my son is the funniest, most amazing little boy out there (and let's add in ornery, stubborn, and likes to push mommy and daddy's buttons, but we love him more then anything on this planet anyways! ;) Anyway, back to my point...he is hilarious. The things that come out of his mouth continue to amaze me, and I am constantly wondering, "Where in the world did that come from!?!??!" For example, the other day we are driving down the road, my husband, Manuel and I were talking, and out of nowhere he says, "Speaking of which, when is Buscia coming over?" SPEAKING OF WHICH, did that just come from my almost three year olds mouth? And it was used completely in context, and said clear as day. That boy cracks me up, let me tell you!!!!! :) We laugh at him when we shouldn't, but sometimes it's just too darn funny not to. Call us bad parents, call CPS, but seriously, how do you not laugh when he says, "A cow p*ssed on my bed!" I know, I know, a Christian family, raising a good Christian boy should not find that funny, but we do! :) We reprimand him, but it's funny nonetheless. I sure do love my little boy and can not believe that a week and one day from now (1/31/09) he will be THREE years old! Wow, time really does fly! And as my husband and I are about to begin trying for #2, I wonder, how will I ever love another little soul as much as I love him!??!?! I know, you just do, but right now, I can't even imagine it. And reading Megan blog's over at FriedOkra today it sure did make me think (I have a link to her blog under my "Blogs I Follow". I'd post a link here, but I'm clueless! :)

Happy almost birthday Manuel. Mommy loves you, bad words, tantrums and all! :)

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