Monday, February 9, 2009 unintentional hiatus

Goodness gracious, my last post was so upbeat and happy and then BAM! Just like life tends to do, we got thrown for a curveball. My little boy turned 3 on the 1/31/09, and I had every intention of writing a "Happy Birthday letter" to him as I've seen other blogging mommies do on their childrens' birthday. Well the day of his birthday came (also the same day as his Chuck E. Cheese party) and as life would have it, time got away from me, and I couldn't write on the day of. So I thought, "Okay, I'll write it tomorrow (2/1/09)" That Sunday came, we got up, went to church (as we do every Sunday), and things seemed to be going great. Manuel was a bit under the weather, but nothing that caused us worry or concern. We got home from church around 12:30pm and Manuel felt warm. I took him temp and holy moly it was 104.7 (He has a history of febrile seizures so this threw us into panic mode!) We JUST switched Peds and had a Monday morning appt for his 3 year check-up. Our new Ped didn't have a copy of his records yet, and knew nothing about his history, so we figured we'd just take him to the ER and have him accessed accordingly. Little did we know that the quick trip to the ER would turn into 5 days in the hospital!!!!!! Manuel tested positive for RSV, and was having trouble keeping his SATs up when he slept so they decided to admit him. He was at Franklin Square from Sunday afternoon until Tuesday morning when they decided to transfer him to the Sinai PICU (Talk about a scare when the doctor comes in at 6:30am, you have slept MAYBE 2 hours in the last 48 hours and you hear the word PICU! I was hysterical. Even though it was "my" day to spend with him (Hubby and I were alternating days off work and days at the hospital) I called my hubby in a panic, and as he always he, he was there in no time to comfort me and Manuel. We were taken my ambulance to Sinai (while Manny followed behind in our car), and he got the most AMAZING care!!! He was in the PICU for about 24 hours, and then in a regular Peds room for about 24 hours and then we got the news that we could go home. Talk about relief!!! My poor baby just kept saying, day after day, "I want to leave this "hopistal"" :( It broke my heart! And then he would pray (without prompting), "Jesus, please let me got home. I love you." So we are home, happy, and healthy (relatively), and ready to take on this new "diagnosis" of asthma. We follow-up with his new Ped on Wednesday. My poor angel has been through SO much his 3 years of life, but like I kept telling myself, and telling my hubby, it could always be worst! And praise God for getting us through this "bump" in the road!

Oh, and I plan on writing that letter soon, but now I just need to find some more time. Don't we all!?!??!? :)

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