Monday, January 5, 2009


Okay, so I'm not a "sports girl", never have been. I never played sports (except for a season of rec lacrosse), not because I was lazy or didn't want to, but because I am not at ALL athletically inclined, AT ALL! And not only do I not play sports, I do not watch sports, EXCEPT for football! I love, love, love football (after dating a football fanatic for a couple of months-no, not my hubby. I learned more about football then most guys!). I will spend a Sunday afternoon watching football. For hometown pride purposes the Ravens are my guys! For all other purposes, I love the Colts (boo! :( they are out of the playoffs). Even though most Baltimorians hate the Colts (they were stolen from Baltimore several years back), that was before my time and personally I could care less. I love the Colts-Manning, Harrison, Saturday, Simpson, Vinateri, etc.) And yes, I liked them long before they won the Super Bowl. But they are out of the playoffs, so I'll have to route for my next favorite the Baltimore Ravens. "My boys" (as I like to refer to them), played the Miami Dolphins yesterday (flash back to '07 when the Dolphins only won ONE game the entire season and it was to us. We lost to them, UGH!!!!!!!!!! :( ) We went over our friends Kelli & Scott's house yesterday to watch the game (after church and teaching Sunday school) and had a wonderful time!!! Their son, Jacob is a little over a year younger then Manuel, but they still played together and had a wonderful time. And the adults had a wonderful time as well. I am SOOOOO happy we won, and I can't wait for Saturday when we will be playing the Tennessee Titans. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! This is the same exact "road" we traveled in 2001 which led us to the Super Bowl (first the Dolphins and then the Titans). I'm keeping my hopes up, but not even thinking that far ahead. Our head coach is a rookie, our quarterback is a rookie, that would make for an NFL record, how awesome would that be!??!?!??!

Keeping the faith, but not getting overly confident! :)

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