Wednesday, December 7, 2011

NOT Wordless Wednesday

Hello friends! Happy Wednesday! :)

I hope you all are doing well. Thinking of and praying for those very dear blogging friends of mine who are struggling today. You know who you are, and please know that I am praying! :)

Speaking of prayers, if you have a few extra ones laying around ;) can you send them my way? On Sunday night I felt a "lump" in my right hip area, very sensitive to the touch. I spent a majority of Sunday night, after my children were asleep, in my husbands arms crying that there was no way this could be something serious, there was no way I could leave my children. (Clearly, I was VERY worried! I'm a worrier by naturer...I've had an ovarian cyst before (obviously I couldn't feel it through my skin) that was removed after Manuel was born, and I have a cyst in my jaw (that I've had for years that is more risky to remove (could cause paralysis to my face if a nerve is hit) so we've just left it in there, so needless to say I know about that sort of thing, and I knew that this "lump" felt different. I went and saw my primary care doctor on Monday, and she thinks it's just a hernia (that will require surgery). I meet with the surgeon tomorrow. Please pray that it's just a hernia and a simple surgery will repair any problems I'm having. In the back of my head, I'm not going to lie, I'm scared that it's something more then a hernia. God is good all the time! I pray that tomorrow is filled with good news! :)

And for good measure...
Manuel was "okay" with it all (you can tell he's a bit timid). Mia looks fine now, but 2.5 seconds before this she was screaming her head off!!!!! :) Santa's elves really had a way with her, and got her settled for a decent pic! :) (excuse the quality, per usual ;) it's a pic of a pic)


dottie said...

I'll be thinking of you my dear! I hope it's nothing serious!!

Love that Santa picture, I have to get my kids in before the it's too crazy at the malls.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

here's to positive thoughts going out into the universe for you friend..the picture is so sweet!

Jackie said...

Thinking and praying for you, Christina! Keep us updated.

The Santa picture is adorable!

Kayla said...

praying for you! get us an update soon!